The admission procedure in private schools

Posted on Nov 27 2017 - 11:08am by Charlie

It is not easy educating your child in the best school in UK. In addition to the financial commitment, you need to give in time and efforts in order to ensure that everything is in place. School admissions take a long time to process and are approved. Parents need to prepare themselves for tedious documentation and procedures which are followed by schools.

Before applying for an admission, you need to book a visit with the school and take a look at the campus and the facilities offered by the school. Cumnor House School offers to arrange a private tour for the parents before they apply for an admission. The admission process is designed to give assurance that you and your child are making the right decision and offer guidance in every step of the admission process. There are four stages of the admission process followed by the school:

  1. Contact the Admission desk to discuss your educational requirements and plans for your child. You can also request a prospectus online.
  2. The next step is visiting the campus on one of the open days or you could ask to arrange a private guided tour. This will give you an opportunity to take a glimpse into the life of the children at the school. You can also meet the children and talk to the teachers to get the real feel.
  3. After the visit to the school campus, you will be able to decide if you want to admit your child in the school. Thus, you can apply for a place at the school or the nursery by providing the registration form and the registration fees. Before the admission is confirmed, teachers usually meet the child and make an offer of a place.
  4. The last step is the acceptance of the offer which is made in writing and requires you to complete the requisite paperwork to secure the admission. Here, you will also have to pay a deposit.

Different schools have different procedures of admission and parents need to abide by the same. Depending on the standard you seek an admission in, the admission process will vary. Certain schools have an entrance test for individuals who are seeking admission in Class 5 and above. For preprimary and nursery, there is no entrance test or assessment criteria. If your child is headed to Cumnor House School, you should not be stressed or apprehensive about their first day in the school. You child will feel comfortable from day 1 and will thoroughly enjoy learning in the environment.

The facilities and learning environment offered by the school is exceptional and unique. Every child is made to feel special here and the teachers imbibe values which will help the child in the future. The school has a significant record and achievements which have helped it achieve a high ranking and recommendation from parents. Ensure that you are choosing only the best for your child and give them a bright future ahead.

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