Building Blocks of a Child’s Future: A School

Posted on Nov 27 2017 - 11:03am by Charlie

School… a child’s baby step towards his or her future. A place from where a child learns to read, writes, communicates with other kids and with passing years becomes an educated citizen of the country. School is a pivotal period of a child’s life and pick the best one judiciously should be the prime focus of the parents. A good school equivalents a good base of education and consequently a good future.

Charterhouse Square school in London is one such school which helps to bring out the best in a child. The environment, teaching and all other things complements a firm and bright future of your child. It is an independent, non-selective, co-educational Day School. It is for children who ages between 3-11 years. This school is one of the best for your tiny tots.  You can find everything related to all-round development of your bundle of joy, here.

Let’s discuss how a school is important in a kid’s life and the role of Charterhouse Square School:

  1. This school caters to all-round development of the children. As the age group is 3-11 years, the school takes special care of the little ones so that they learn important lessons in life at an early stage
  2. The school is a reputed one and is making its presence felt amongst the best schools since three decades
  3. This school is a proud member Cognita Schools, an association of independent schools in UK and overseas
  4. They have exclusive classrooms with different names for children of different age groups. For example: Green Room for 4 YO, Rainbow and Raindrop Rooms for 7/8 YO while Star Room for 11 YO
  5. This school imparts co-education, here, a child learns to communicate with their opposite sex and befriends with them. It helps them to face the real world with courage, smartness and much needed competence

A good school at an early age is the most important step towards a child’s future. A few tips for parents to select a good school for their child:

  1. Background check is a must: Always learn about the background of the school. It’s must to check the background of the school in order to know their success rate and efficiency towards students
  2. Curriculum: It is the backbone of any school and good school with not so good curriculum is of no good use. A well-structured, up to date curriculum is the most important part of education
  3. Results: Try to gather information about the results of previous batch of students. Moreover, calculate and compare the success rate of students with other schools. Do not blindly follow what is mentioned in the school’s website. If possible, go in person to gather necessary information
  4. Discipline: Double-check the disciplinary system of the school before jumping to any conclusion. Good discipline at any early age will make a child a better person and will help to grow a strong personality of the child. If your child is unruly, select a school which has got strict disciplinary system.

You, being the guiding star, are solely responsible to choose the best school among the lot for the best education for your precious. May you find the best school for your little one!

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