15 Quirky Ways to Teach Young Kids Maths

Posted on Sep 5 2013 - 5:37am by Charlie

As a child maths might not seem the most exciting subject, but out of all of the things we studying – maths is one of the most important! We use maths throughout our lives – even for simple things such as knowing how much change we should receive when shopping – so it’s important that we have a good knowledge of the subject. Click here for some example of ways to teach your child maths.

There are different ways that you can engage children with maths and help to keep them interested in learning the subject.

Games and Stories

Download games and stories which are going to get your children involved and keep them interested. There are different free stories and games you can get, you simply need to print them off and go through them with your children

Play Games Such As Maths Toss

Get a soft ball and throw it around the room with your children. You can shout out maths facts and challenge your children to know the answer before they catch the ball – it gets really competitive and fun!

Make Trading Cards

If you can make maths into a game or challenge then you are much more likely to keep a child interested. By making maths themed trading cards then you create a situation where they are going to want to collect as many of them as possible.

Computer Games

If you have a computer then you can download maths themed games such as Timez Attack. These are fun – and your child will learn as they play.

Drawing and Art

Get massive pieces of paper and some bright, coloured markers. Get your children involved in creating maths posters which you can display in their bedroom; you can also get them adding to it as they learn new maths skills.

Day To Day Counting

You can get them involved in counting all of the time – how many steps they climbed or how many steps they took to the bus stop, for example. Once they have got this you can get them counting in twos or threes to really stretch their math skills.

Watch Videos

There are loads of videos  – such as the Schoolhouse Rock videos which teach children to count. Get your child to sit and watch one of these while you prepare dinner and then you can ask them what they have learnt.

Match The Pair

Make up cards in sets of two  – one with a math’s question on and one with the answer. Mix them all up and get your child to turn them over in pairs to match them all up. Keep going until they have matched all of the pairs you have made.

Display Maths In Your Home

Put some maths posts in their bedroom or even the kitchen  – somewhere that your child will see it and take in the information displayed before they even realise that they have.

Colour In Maths Charts

Get a big grid with squared number 1 to 100. Get them to colour in their times table with different colours – IE all of the 3 times table in blue and the 5 times table in red. This gives you a chance to see how they cope with the colours that are involved in both times tables.


Children love to be bribed. Give them challenges and give them a sweet every time they get one of the questions right.

Use Maths In The Real World

If you use maths in real world scenarios then children are going to be much more likely to want to be involved. For example, ask them if you gave them a pound and they bought a Mars Bar, how much change they would have – if they get it right, let them keep the change!

Smart Phone Apps

There are different smart phone apps such as Rocket Math and Bubble Maths. These are both great ways to capture childrens attention and get them learning maths while having fun.

Get Friends and Family Involved

Show your child how proud you are of the maths they have learnt by giving them the chance to show off in front of your friends and family. Make sure that they offer lots of praise when they get it right.

Other Games

Get online and look for other maths games that you, your child and the whole family can get involved with.


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