3 Ways to Enjoy The Water With Your Family After Summer’s Over

Posted on Aug 30 2016 - 6:18pm by Charlie

Summer is the perfect time to spend days on the lake, afternoons by the pool, and evenings sitting on the dock with your feet in the water. But just because summer is almost over doesn’t mean you have to steer clear of all water activities until the sun comes back out next year. In fact, there are some great ways to still enjoy the water clear into the winter in some areas. So to help your family have more options for fun and enjoyment together, here are three ways you can continue having fun with water as a family after summer’s over.



While you can’t comfortably wakeboard, water ski or tube when it’s not warm outside, you can still enjoy cruising on the water in a boat long after the long days of summer are gone. SafeKids.org recommends that you do all you can to ensure your kids stay warm though, especially if they’re young. With the wind whipping in your hair and mist coming off the water, it can become easy to get cold, so make sure you keep warm, dry blankets or towels on board.

On the other hand, if you feel that being out on a boat in the open water is just a little too much for your family to handle in the cooler months, you could also spend some time indoors preparing a boat for when summer rolls back around. This could include finding and cleaning a small old boat, painting or repairing the boat, or practicing boat safety on dry land.


Getting in a canoe and paddling around your local lake or calm river is another great way to be on the water as the weather gets cooler. With canoes, your kids not only get to experience being in a smaller watercraft, but Go Canoeing shares that kids also learn physical skills, communication skills, and an appreciation for the outdoors. With the right gear and a positive attitude, taking short family canoe trips could be the perfect way for everyone to stay fit and limber during the fall and spring.

Open Kayak

If you’re looking for something that isn’t quite so group oriented, open kayaking may be the choice for your family. These crafts often put you much closer to the water than boats or canoes, so consider how cold and wet you’re willing to get before you take one of these out while the weather isn’t as forgiving. Also, REI suggests not taking kids for long ride on open kayaks. They suggests doing a loop about ⅓ the size that you’d normally do to ensure you keep the experience fun and entertaining for your young kids, without putting them or yourself in too much danger if they get restless on the open water.

Just because the weather isn’t perfect for swimming doesn’t mean you have to avoid the water all together. Use the tips mentioned above to keep enjoying water activities with your family all year long.

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