4 great ideas for nights out with the girls

Posted on Oct 8 2015 - 12:31pm by Charlie

From graduation to a recently passed driving test to an all clear from a cancer scare; there are a wide range of different occasions where going out on the lash seems like a great idea to just spend some time with the girls.

If you’ve all got jobs and have busy lives on your own, it can sometimes be hard to arrange a get together to a luxurious steakhouse so the times that you do have together become that much more special. So how can you guarantee a great night out with the girls in this limited time you have? Of course a round of drinks is on the cards, but we’re talking about afterwards. In some cases, hitting some cool Dallas, Texas bars, sitting down with a cocktail and having a chat is good enough, but some girls are party animals and need to let their hair loose every now and then. Take a look at our light-hearted and cheeky suggestions as to how you can guarantee a fun night out with the girls.

Take a Pack of Cards

This might sound relatively straight-forward but it is simple; drinking games. A wide range of drinking games feature a pack of cards in order to play and packing a set just means that you are fully prepared for the night ahead. You can also make up your own rules with the pack of cards; try playing tag where girls will try and sneak certain cards onto unsuspecting club and pub goers; with the winner (most cards placed) getting a round from all the others. Take a cheap pack of cards that you don’t mind getting creased or lost, as chances are you won’t be using them again after tonight.

Hire yourself a cheeky butler – Hen Parties

This is ideal for hen nights and the ‘last free night’ before a wedding. Hiring a cheeky butler is a guaranteed way to have a great time as he is experienced in ensuring that paying customers get proper entertainment. Cheeky butlers are pretty as well as pretty talented and they might come with extra services such as (calm down!) cocktail master-classes and party games for hens to play. You’ll never have a dull hen party with the help of a buff butler. Additionally, hiring strippers for your hen party is a great way to shock the hen herself and excite the guests. There are many companies that offer private party strippers, so you can enjoy the show in the comfort of your own home if you wish!

Match one item of clothing/draw a funny symbol

This is a good idea for keeping tabs on all your girls. Obviously if you are part of a hen party it is likely that you will have whistles, hats or sashes that will help you identify your friends in a crowd. However if it is just a generic night out then you might have a little more difficulty and it can be hard to remember what everyone was wearing after you’ve had a few. Get a wash-out pen to draw a small symbol on everybody’s hands, or get everyone to match one item of clothing so that if you lose each other in a crowded nightclub, you have something easy to look for.

Establish code words for to ensure everyone’s safety

Sometimes nights out can go terribly wrong, and although we don’t like to think about those occasions it is always good to be prepared just in case something happens. Establish a key or a code word for if a friend is not feeling safe or if they are feeling harassed by someone else. It give the other girls a chance to swoop in and take charge of a potential situation. It might not be necessary but it is always good to have something arranged in advance and it can be a real relief to know people are watching out for you in a potentially new and strange environment (great for when you are abroad or in a new city).

A night out with the girls can be a whole lot of fun but it is always important to make sure everyone is safe and happy before moving onto the next pub. Whether you’re getting together for a school reunion, this is a planned event for a hen party or you are celebrating graduation or another event, everything in moderation is always good advice to go by. Of course it can get really fun if you go all out but be aware of any warning signs. Have fun, but not too much, and pack a pair of flats just in case! You’ll thank us later!

Article provided by Butlers With Bums, a cheeky and conscientious naked butler company serving hen parties and celebratory events up and down the country for almost 10 years.

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