4 Things Every Parent Should Talk About With Their Teens

Posted on Sep 6 2018 - 8:24am by Charlie

Being a parent isn’t ever easy. From the beginning you learn that it’s about juggling diapers, naps, screaming, and cleaning vomit out of carpets for a few years. After their younger years, the challenges evolve. As a parent, you’re no longer required to worry about cleaning poopy diapers. However, you’re now responsible for helping them become successful adults.

Part of preparing your children for the world of adulthood is having tough conversations. Even though you might like to think that they’re learning everything in school, unfortunately, a lot of their education for the future can’t be learned in any book.

It’s up to you as a parent to make sure that you talk to your teenagers about the following things for their own well-being.

Drugs and Alcohol

The teenage years are often associated with a lot of risky behavior and experimentation. Even though you may want to believe that your teen isn’t at risk, you’re doing them a disservice by jumping to conclusions.

It’s important to open their eyes to the risks associated with taking drugs and consuming alcohol. Explaining to them that they may go to jail or even die from consuming alcohol and drugs can be a serious motivation to avoid it. It’s up to you to have an honest conversation about the risks involved so that they hopefully avoid getting wrapped up in it.


When kids turn into teenagers, they suddenly have an influx of hormones that weren’t there before. They start to realize that they have sexual desires and aren’t sure what to do with them. Curious young adults are going to go on the internet and discover the world of their favorite characters having adult content on Cartoon Porno websites. To help them properly navigate through these things, you need to have a frank discussion with them. Exploring sexuality can be a good thing for growing teenagers, but it needs to be handled properly.

Mishandling of the birds and the bees conversation can lead to unsafe sex or even unplanned pregnancies. Teen pregnancy is a serious risk in the United States in many areas. These numbers may be seriously reduced if parents make a point of talking with their teens about this often touchy subject.


Unfortunately, many kids grow up never realizing the value of a dollar. They grow up thinking that money comes easily and should be spent frivolously. As a result, adulthood is often a rough wakeup call.

It’s in your child’s best interest to talk to them about the value of money and how it should be used. They should know the basics like how to open a credit card, and why it’s essential to pay their debts as soon as possible.


Having a talk with your child about their life choices and how they affect others is a huge part of parenting. It’s up to you to help your child understand that life has a ripple effect.

Teaching them a set of moral standards so that they can be a positive influence on the world rather than a negative impact is essential not only for their own good but for society as a whole.