4 Things to do on holiday along the coast

Posted on Apr 28 2015 - 6:51am by Charlie

If you don’t live near the beach, a coastal holiday in England can make a great day or long weekend out without having to break the bank with flight trips to some exotic, far off country. When the good weather sets in, the beaches of England gain vast popularity for their wide range of different features, subtle sunny climates and colourful carnival atmosphere.


Why not skip the international holiday this year and try heading to England’s beautiful coasts? Here are a few fun suggestions suitable for all the family to get you started.

Picnic on the Beach
It is often the simplest pleasures in life that give us the most joy. While other people spend their hours slaving away behind a computer desk, lifting and carrying stocks to shelves or training in preparation for the latest marathon why not kick back your flip flops and relax with some nice cucumber or cheese and ham sandwiches with the rest of the family. Taking a few moments out just to enjoy being a life should be a natural part of any person’s day off, and with a picnic on the beach you can just sit and watch the waves, or oversee your kids as they compete to try and make the biggest sand castle.

Picnics offer a huge range of choice, from sandwiches to an assortment of nibbles to a whole cooked chicken you can easily pick up from the local supermarket! The only limit is what you can currently carry in your basket and your imagination. Don’t forget to include your soft drinks!

Visit the Natural Wonders
Taking a trip to any of the UK’s gorgeous coastline, you’re normally never far from a natural wonder. With old Harry Rocks, the magnificent cliffs of Dover and a huge array of natural rock formations and caves to be explored, England’s coastline is perfect for the wayfaring traveller or even trying out your hand at a bit of spelunking.

Our natural chalk cliffs provide a stark beauty in contrast to the deep blue ocean beneath them and often if you know where to look you may find yourself a professional tour guide or at least an informative map that will be able to tell you where you can find the best views of the ocean.

Hire a Chartered Yacht
For a more extravagant look at coastal life, why not contact this San Diego yacht rental or similar companies, to find a chartered yacht for the weekend and sail the coastline. Yachts provide endless entertainment and make a great learning experience for those who have never sailed a yacht before. It also provides a great sense of teamwork if you work alongside your family to make sure everything is in top shape for your yachting journey.

It is an ideal way to get out on the waves without having to get too wet and without having to strap yourself into a complete full-on wet suit. You will be able to enjoy the soft waves of the sea on your own private boat; heavenly!

Watch out for the Local Wildlife
While not quite as exotic as the wildlife found on the great barrier reef or not so formidable as the great polar bears and whales you might see floating about the Artic sea, England is well known for its colourful avian species as well as a lovely collection of woodland animals which you might also be able to spot in the sparse grassland along the coast.

Take your binoculars with you to go bird watching, or try hunting for crabs in the rock pools while the tide is out. Watch out for jellyfish as although they are uncommon in the UK, they are not unheard of and although not deadly they can give you a nasty sting, even when dead!

Everyone has their specific preferences when visiting the coastline for a holiday, but you can often find yourself getting stuck doing the same activities over and over again. Branch out your imaginations, look a little over the horizon and try something new today. You won’t regret it!

Article supplied by www.islandcharters.co.uk, a family run yacht management and charter company specialising in cruiser and racer yachts; based on the Isle of Wight since 1993.

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