4 Warning Signs That Your Loved One Has a Drinking Problem at Holiday Parties

Posted on Nov 7 2016 - 2:22pm by Charlie

One of the most treasured times of the year is sure to be the holiday season. Whether you’re excited about fixing a turkey to share with your friends and family or you can’t wait to put up the Christmas decorations, you’re sure to be ready to do so. One of the times that families tend to get together the most is during this special time of the year. However, you may notice some alcoholic drinking issues when you come together. By being aware of some warning signs, this can enable you to work to get this individual some assistance, maybe from somewhere like Arista Recovery Olathe, in order to recover from a possible alcoholic addiction.


Sign #1: Acting depressed

One of the warning signs of being an alcoholic is showing signs of depression. It’s not uncommon for some women to seem more down during this time of year and this could lead to excessive drinking.

If this is a close female friend of yours that tends to be overwhelmed and drinking entirely too much, you should recommend a womens alcohol treatment facility. This may not be taken well initially, so do be sure to keep this in mind!

Sign #2: Hiding drinks

Of course, you will want to allow your family and friends to have the most fun possible at your holiday get together. This will typically mean serving alcohol to help boost the mood and allow for some additional fun at this event.

One of the ideal ways to have this expensive beverage at your party without breaking the bank is to monitor the amount of drinks per individual. There are many ways you can do this without it being so obvious to your guests.

In fact, setting up a bar that requires your guests to ask for drinks is a great idea. However, if your loved one hides the amount of drinks being served, this is a warning sign this person has a problem.

Sign #3: Increased tolerance

Does it seem that your loved one can drink tons of alcohol and not feel the effects of doing so? If this is the case, you can bet that this person has been doing a great deal of drinking.

The more alcohol that is consumed by one person, the more it will take to have any type of impact on this person. Be sure to monitor the amount of drinks that are consumed, and if there are a great deal, this is sure to be a warning sign that alcohol has become most likely a daily habit for this person.

Sign #4: Changes in appearance

One of the things that is so much fun about a holiday party is being able to dress up and show off your new outfit or hairdo. However, if a person you care about has transformed from a cosmopolitan look to that of being unkempt, this is a sign that drinking could be the problem.

Drastic changes in the appearance of any individual is a sign that there is likely to be some type of reason causing this. You will want to address this in a tactful sort of way if possible.

Studies do show that alcohol is responsible for over 88,000 deaths in the United States each year. This is a staggering number, and if you see signs of a loved one drinking too much at your holiday party, you may want to talk this person.

Dealing with a sensitive issue such as this will require the right approach. However, being able to spot these warning signs during the holidays can be an ideal time to talk about it. Simply be sure to work to keep the conversation as positive as you can!

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