5 Beautiful Pieces of Vintage Furniture That Can Add Pizazz to Your Home

Posted on Aug 12 2015 - 2:49pm by Charlie

Every few years in the world of fashion, be it clothes, accessories, jewellery or interior design, the words ‘vintage’ and ‘retro’ get thrown around all in a flurry, with people left, right and centre going mad for said items. The thing is… if you’re not averse to rummaging around for a little bit, finding truly beautiful vintage furniture and retro items of clothing could be a real benefit to both your wardrobe and your home. Iconic vintage furniture can add an aesthetically pleasing feature to any of your rooms, if you combine them with the right features and there are a number of first class items of vintage furniture that will always look good in any given situation.

Whether you’re a hunter of bargains to add to your delightful mismatch home of different styles and themes, or you’re looking for that final vintage piece to finish off your archaic interior design style, take a look at these five beautiful pieces of vintage furniture that never should have gone out of fashion.

More commonly known as a writing desk, these adorable little pieces of furniture as we know them were popular tools to write from as early as the 1400s, with a number of design changes across the centuries seeing them become more like plain tables, to cabinets, back to the original sloped singular writing desk of the William & Mary era; around 1702.

Modern desks have become more bulky and streamlined, with separate sections for storage and paperwork, whereas more traditional writing desks were all included. Some also had a hide away fold out desk that could be lifted up when not in use. All the storage compartments were tucked away inside, making it the perfect little piece of furniture for any budding writer or artist.

Coffee Table
Although still widely available today, the classic coffee table had ample storage in its confines for books, magazines, sketchpads and more. Nowadays in our ‘minimalist’ society, we opt more for transparent coffee tables or oddly shaped coffee tables that sit at the side of the sofa rather than in front, tables that can be easily packed away to save space. Big beautiful heavy wooden coffee tables are hard to come by nowadays, particularly if you want to grab one with storage compartments.

Vanity Table
A classical ‘lady’ always needed a place to powder her nose. Nowadays this space has more or less transitioned into the bathroom, where large sinks and worktops can hold all the different make-up tubes and vials of the everyday make-up junkie. Larger bathroom mirrors are also the cause of the vanity tables steady decline as in ‘the olden days’ bathrooms were merely for washing and using the facilities. Often available with a beautiful accompanying chair or stool and with iconic, gilded mirrors, take your elderly relatives back to their days of youth with a unique vanity mirror.

Window Seat
Bookworms will love this one. The window seat is one such piece of vintage furniture that has been slowly phased out over the years as neighbourhoods started to become more suspicious of each other, and urbanisation made looking out the window decidedly less attractive than in the days of sprawling countryside and dense forests.

img credit:prettyhandygirl.com

img credit:prettyhandygirl.com

Plush pillows and a good set of shelves to keep your books makes this little piece of furniture for those lovers of literature. Sit back on the window, prop open a big book and watch the sun recede as you squirrel yourself away into worlds unknown.

Chaise Longue
A rather opulent choice of vintage furniture but one that is slowly making a comeback. Known as the sofa’s slightly less useful cousin, the Chaise Longue is the classical recliner of days past. Nowadays with both storage and time constraints, the average recliner is good enough for anyone wanting a quick nap, however there is something very regal about a plush chaise longue that can take you back in time. Pass the grapes darling!

Vintage furniture is not for everyone, however who could resist feeling as if they have entered a perfectly traditional authors study when looking at a beautifully restored bureau, or try their hand at a small catnap on an extravagant chaise longue? Give it a try, you might find out you quite enjoy it!

Article provided by Amabyss; an independent, design led shop which is all about unique and edgy vintage home accessories, unusual gifts and quirky jewellery.

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