5 Fun After-School Activity & Sports Ideas For Kids

Posted on Dec 2 2013 - 12:55pm by Charlie

When kids finish school and arrive home afterwards, a lot of them tend to spend their time getting up to things they really shouldn’t be, such as spending long periods of time playing video games on a games console, surfing the Internet or getting up to all sorts of mischief with their friends outdoors.

Kids tend to do these things because they are bored. And who can blame them? Many of us lead such busy lives, and often spend long periods of time at work – or even doing two or sometimes three different jobs just to make ends meet.

Although we don’t intentionally want our children to get bored when they’ve got some idle time, sometimes we can find it hard to think of things for our kids to get involved with that keeps them off the streets, or in front of a TV or computer screen for long periods of time.

If you are a busy parent and you want to make sure that your children are engaged in a fun yet wholesome after-school activity, you should consider enrolling them in some of these 7 fun after-school activity and sports pursuits!


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It’s pretty obvious that Britain has cultivated a nation of football fanatics. You would be hard pressed to find anyone that doesn’t have an interest in the sport, even if it’s just a casual passing interest!

Many schools arrange after-school football training and even matches during evenings and weekends, so you can get a chance to see how well your kids are doing once you’ve finished work!


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More than 400,000 youngsters in Britain join their local Scout groups. Aimed at 6 to 25 year-olds, scouts take part in fun and challenging activities all over the UK, and it’s a great way for your kids to learn all sorts of skills whilst having fun!


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Swimming is one of the most popular sports enjoyed by people of all ages, not just children! It’s a great way to encourage physical fitness, fun, and enables you to learn an essential life skill.

This popular hobby can be enjoyed anywhere from your local pool to a summer holiday destination, and some people even develop those skills to become professional swimming athletes.

You can even think about getting a swimming pool installed in your own house so that your kids get to enjoy this fun sport whenever they wish. And if you’re thinking of taking them professional, then they get to train easily too. Just make sure that you take proper precautions during the installation and also while using it. Putting up pool barriers could be a way for you to do that, and then you might have to get pool barrier inspections brighton or in the place closest to you, once a while to ensure safety.

Performing Arts

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If you have children that like to dance, sing or play musical instruments, then what better way of encouraging their creativity by enabling them to join an after-school group that helps them to develop those performing arts interests!


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One of the world’s most popular sports is the game of golf. It can be enjoyed by both children and adults, and if you all share a love of the sport then it can be a great way to encourage parent-child bonding!

When you take your kids down to your local golf course, you could even reward them for their efforts by buying them a Taylormade SLDR TP as a present (and to help them develop their golfing skills even more)!

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