5 Home Improvement Tips to Make Mums Life Easier

Posted on Aug 2 2013 - 3:26pm by Charlie

Running a house and caring for young children is a challenging task, especially as kids tend to have a knack for undoing all your best efforts to keep your home neat and tidy. With the added pressures of entertaining children and keep them on the straight and narrow, a range of affordable solutions to make your life easier is essential to help you to keep on top of the workload.


Invest in a handheld vacuum cleaner

Most mums will be familiar with this scenario: you have only turned your back for a moment to pack away the vacuum cleaner to discover a trail of freshly-laid crumbs across your lounge carpet, leaving you with the choice between ignoring the mess and starting all over again. Investing in a cordless handheld model is a great way to keep your home clean without the hassle of dragging the hoover around the house. Minor messes can be easily removed in a matter of seconds, leaving you with more time to enjoy being with the family.

A useful guide to choosing the right model for your home can be found at Which.

Ditch the dirty carpets

From mud-caked shoes to yoghurt splats, children can effortlessly wreak a trail of dirty destruction on any carpet leaving unsightly marks and stains that can only be removed with intensive scrubbing or professional cleaning. It is also no secret that any rugs in your home are not safe from mess either. That being said if you would like to learn more about professional Rug Cleaning Melbourne is home to some amazing residential cleaning companies that can get your soft furnishings back to their best. A realistic and practical solution to this problem is to replace carpets with vinyl flooring, particularly in vulnerable areas such as in kitchens, underneath breakfast bars or around external doors where filthy feet come in.

Easy to clean, hard-wearing and simple to install, vinyl is an enduringly popular choice for family living so click here for the full range of Vinyl flooring from Wickes.

Paint not wallpaper

Children, crayons and walls are a bad mix but when faced with a fantastic blank canvas many toddlers cannot resist the temptation to engage in a spot of creative art work. Wallpaper that is pen-stained or paint-marked can be difficult to clean without damaging the surface so a worthwhile investment is to paint plaster walls or use lining paper which can then be painted. A painted surface, especially if an emulsion is applied as the top coat, is easy to wipe clean and withstands most household cleaners if necessary.

See this article for information on how to clean painted walls.

Storage solutions

Children seem to possess an unlimited number of toys which, in the spirit of Toy Story, find their way across floors, under furniture and between rooms the moment you aren’t looking. Keeping them neatly-stacked and organised is probably unachievable so investing in some stackable plastic storage boxes is a simple way to pile the toys together, keeping your floors clear and removing all those risky trip hazards.

Dimmer Switches and Controllable Heating

If your child is particularly young then she may not appreciate the glare of bright lights when trying to sleep while older toddlers fear sleeping in the dark. A dimmer switch is a simple yet highly effective way to adjust the brightness in your child’s bedroom so that you can achieve a not-quite-dark level of light which your child will find more comfortable. www.homedepot.com provides useful guides for many home improvement projects including installing a dimmer switch.

Additionally, your child might be struggling to sleep at night because it’s too hot. If this is the case, you might want to get an air conditioning unit installed by a HVAC company such as can be found at this site https://aqualityhvac.org/air-conditioning-services-in-buckeye-az/. This can make controlling the temperature around your home that much easier. If you already have an air conditioning unit installed that you want to make sure is running efficiently or perhaps it’s been broken for a while, then you can have your AC fixed by a service similar to Air Care Heating and Cooling. Click here for more info AC Repair from this contractor.

Roof Repairs
Things as simple as storms, wild animals and other environmental hazards can pull shingles off of your roof and cause leaks and other damages that would be dangerous for children. In order to avoid those damages becoming extensive and costing you large sums of money to fix them, it is important to have your roof repaired regularly. As a parent, you may not have the time to make these changes on your own, so you will want to hire a roofing professional, like DePalma Roofers, to make those regular repairs for you.

Keeping your home in tiptop condition even with a young family is not an impossible task but take time to make some simple changes to your property to help make your role as mum far easier and less stressful.

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