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The first Christmas for your baby is exciting for both the parent and the child. It involves many nights out, traveling, late nights, meeting friends and relatives and generally stepping out of the normal family routines. It also means disruptions to the baby’s schedule and may cause babies to cry. If the baby is too young, avoid overstimulation and too much social exposure.


Your baby’s first birthday marks a significant moment in both your life as a parent and the baby’s. It is a year full of challenges for the parent and developments for the child that it is only worth celebrating it in style. No matter how tight the credit crunch we all strive for the perfect party for such an incredible milestone. Whether you decide to invite all kids and moms of your moms’ group, friends, and family, you need careful planning, decorations, food, outfits, and of course a birthday cake. To cut costs you can have a memorable party in your home, bake your own cake and offer simple meals to the visitors. However, do not compromise on making and collecting memories. Hire the best photographer in town to capture all the special moments. If you want something extra special, try getting the image casting of your baby’s feet on this day to make it memorable for a lifetime.


A Christening is one of the most important occasions in a baby’s life; it is a time when the baby you present your baby to the church for baptism or blessing. Traditionally, a christening meant marking the beginning of upbringing a baby into the Christian faith. Many parents christen their children for various reasons; out of pressure, academic benefits and sometimes it is just about the christening dress. For whatever reasons you want to christen your child, remember it is all about welcoming the baby to the world.


Memories are made of family holidays, having a little one celebrate with you for the first time is magical. Parents look forward to the first holiday with their baby with a lot of excitement and anxiety. As exciting is it may be, you will need careful planning when deciding the destination for your baby’s first family holiday. Too many changes in a baby’s routine and environment may overwhelm the baby and this leads to crankiness and crying. To avoid distressing the baby, choose family friendly destinations and accommodation.


A baby’s first day at nursery or play school can be daunting for both the child and the parent. Even though the baby has been excited about the day, speaking endlessly about his/her new school items, the first day is always a huge step for someone wearing such tiny shoes. It means that you and your child have to start spending sometime apart which may be difficult in the beginning. However, just as you have prepared the baby in all the other milestones, even the first day of school needs preparation. Prepare the baby beforehand by leaving him/her with other caregivers such as grandparents, older children or nannies so that they can start getting used to other people. Visit the school together and on the first day keep your calm no matter how emotional it may be to boost your child’s confidence.


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