5 Necessary Health Checkups For Your Kids

Posted on Aug 11 2016 - 9:45pm by Charlie

When it comes to your kids, you can’t be too careful about basic health checkups. And this doesn’t mean that you have to be one of the newly-infamous helicopter parents when it comes to keeping your kids away from activities where they might get hurt. It just means that you should definitely do regular check ups as part of a normal parental routine.


And five of the most necessary checkups, when it comes down to it, are going to be hearing tests, vision tests, tests to determine possible heart conditions, looking for early signs of disease (especially potentially genetic ones), and learning disability tests (for things like dyslexia).  

Hearing Tests

The average kid should be able to hear very well, and that should be easily testable. At a young age, some kind of issue with hearing is most likely going to be representative of an issue that may be quite serious – an inner ear infection for instance. So if you notice that you child has any trouble at all hearing (and not just blocking out mom’s voice calling them in for dinner), be sure to get it checked out by a specialist as soon as possible.

Vision Tests

If your children are having trouble in school, one thing to test for fairly early on is if they can see the board clearly. There’s nothing more frustrating as a kid than not knowing what the assignments are, or not being able to follow the conversations and material, because letter and numbers are fuzzy up at the front of the room. Mostly classrooms will do a peremptory test in grade school, but it’s up to parents to get that situation handled otherwise.

Heart Conditions

We’ve all heard the tragic news reports of kids dying during school sporting events, seemingly out of the blue. Later, parents and teachers find out that the child has a preexisting heart condition that was just never diagnosed. If possible, have your children checked before getting them involved in any sporting events that could trigger this type of a situation.

Early Signs of Disease

Lots of genetic diseases get passed on from parents to children, and there may be no indication that you can really tell without getting tested. So as part of your children’s normal checkups, be sure to ask the doctor if there are any signs of any potential genetics diseases. The better that medical technology becomes, the more accurate they can predict these things.

Learning Disability Tests

Another issue that kids run into during early school years is if they fall back in their academic pursuits. Many times this is because of a some type of learning disability, like dyslexia, which can be fairly easily diagnosed early on as long as the parents know the signs.


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