5 Tips For Setting Up Your Children’s Bedrooms

Posted on Jul 20 2016 - 6:51pm by Charlie

Especially as your kids get older, their bedrooms are going to be a more important part of their lives and daily routines, and also end up being safe zones and places to learn how to pick up after themselves. So, decisions about how to set them up and decorate them are singularly important.


Five tips in particular for making sure that you make the right decisions about what to do include making sure that you buy the right mattresses, always ensuring that there are ways to clean up, including your kids in the design of the rooms, making sure they’re electronics-free, and allowing room for flexibility as they grow older and bigger.

Buy the Right Mattresses

The best place to start designing a kid’s bedroom around is the mattress. If your child isn’t getting a good night’s sleep, it’s not going to make any different how nicely the rest of the room is set up. So find out what your mattress options are, and then buy the best ones that you can afford. If there’s one single item you want to have be at the highest quality possible, it’s the mattress that your children sleep on.

Make Sure There Are Ways To Clean

Even around the age of three, kids can clean up after themselves. But, if you don’t keep a bedroom designed in a way that things can be cleaned up, that’s an important lesson that isn’t going to be learned. So buy some bins or boxes that your children can keep their toys in, with the understanding that after they play with them each time, they need to get put back into their homes.

Include Them In the Theme Design Options

Your kids are going to have favorite TV show and favorite characters that they follow. For a treat, find bedroom designs that include these preferences, and let your kids help decide what goes where. Let them decide things like room color, bedspread and bed sheets designs, and even what artwork is going to go up on the walls. It will help them feel that much more comfortable in their rooms.

Keep Them Electronics-Free

Especially nowadays, you’re going to want to keep electronics out of kid’s bedrooms. No TVs, no videogames, no screens, no nothing. Bedrooms should be about sleeping, and the more distractions there are with respect to things like computers or mobile devices, the less that situation is controlled.

Allow Room For Flexibility

Whereas when you’re an adult, once you have your bedroom set in a way you want it, it’ll probably be that way for a while, with regard to a kid’s room, there needs to be built-in ways to change on a regular basis. As you’re setting up the framework of the room, make sure you leave space for the possibility of quick and decisive change in decoration desires.

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