5 Ways to Give your Living Room the Wow Factor

Posted on Aug 30 2014 - 7:58pm by Charlie

Imagine walking into a room, seeing a roaring fire, with a landscape portrait set above the mantle, dark timber floors contrasting against a moss green rug, all lit by a hanging chandelier. Imagine feeling the warmth of the fire and the soft textures of the rug under bare feet. Imagine smelling the soft scent of the timber and slow burning candles. Everyone wants a living room that makes them go ‘Wow’ as they walk in. With just some simple changes you can change your everyday normal living room into a place that will leave a lasting impression on your guests and still have all the comforts of home.


1. Lighting

What says wow like a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, casting light around the room? Not many things can change a normal living room the same way a chandelier can. There are many different styles to choose from. Traditional styles, reminiscent of a time gone by, follow a design of candle chandeliers in mansions of old. These give the room a very warm and antiquated feel. If your living room is all sleek lines and shimming metals, then a modern style is for you, with its artistic use of metals and twisting patterns. A great selection of chandeliers can be found at Vinci Living, ranging from the traditional to more modern contemporary designs.

2. Colour

Colour can turn a room upside down and make it truly impressive. The right match of colours can create a place that feels comfortable the moment you see it. Many people find living rooms that are mostly white immediately less inviting than those with darker, warmer colours in them. So it is important to match the balance of colours appropriately in a white room. This can be done with different shaded floors and furniture, as well as art pieces placed on the walls.

3. Focal Points

Furniture arrangement and focal points are extremely important in any living room. By having a centrepiece, you immediately create a place in the room that people will turn to. Great focal points can be a work of art, a family photo, fireplace, media centre or even a feature wall. To create a truly fantastic living room, furniture must be arranged in the correct way in order to promote conversation. For example, turn couches to face each other, perhaps with a coffee table between. This makes guests enjoy the room more and feel comfortable.

4. Symmetry

Without the right symmetry, a living room can look messy and poorly contained. By adding balance the room appears to have purpose. An easy way to add symmetry can be adding something as simple as two lamps, or you can go further and have two matching chairs. At the same time a well thought out amount of asymmetry can have an even greater impact and increase that wow factor.

5. Flooring

Different floors have different impacts on a room. For living rooms you can have a range of flooring, from sleek timbers to soft carpets. A great idea for a standout floor is to put a powerfully coloured rug down over a simple timber floor and then match the furniture of the room to the colour of the rug, though at a lesser tone.

Using these simple methods you can easily change up your living room to have the wow factor you desire and leave a lasting impact on your guest, while keeping the comfort of home.

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