7 simple steps to cut your food waste and your bills.

Posted on Dec 22 2016 - 1:54pm by Charlie

The love food hate waste campaign estimates that an average of 700 worth of food is thrown away by UK families every year.


The food that we throw away is not just as a result of food going bad and being thrown out, good food, in the form of leftovers or from simply over estimating the amount of food we need to cook, is also finding its way into our bins and landfill. Did you know that most of the food we throw away is still perfectly fine to eat? There are even savings to be had by buying food that may be out-of-date, according to the label, but hasn’t actually gone off. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in (and, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to save money and get all the well-known brands into the cupboards?!), why not shop online with Click Marketplace and see what you can find today?

What can you do to cut the amount of waste your family generates every week?

There are several simple steps you can take to cut down on waste dramatically, such as;

  1. 1. Leave it in the packaging. Printed food bags, that your food comes in from the supermarket, can keep your food fresher for up to 3 weeks longer than if it was loose.
  2. Freeze it. If you are not going to eat it before the use by date, freeze it.
  3. Plan. Create meal plans and don’t buy more food than you need
  4. Love your left overs. Reuse and reheat food where you can.
  5. Feed your local wildlife. Some food scraps can be given to the birds in your garden. Check the RSPB website to see which waste is suitable.
  6. Control your portions. Don’t cook more than your family will eat.
  7. Get a doggy bag. Don’t be embarrassed to ask if your restaurant left overs can be bagged up, you can always have them for lunch the following day.

By taking these simple steps, you will not only cut your food waste considerably but also save a small fortune on your family’s food bill in the process. Win; win.

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