8 Cool iPhone Apps For Mums To Be

Posted on Jun 14 2013 - 1:06pm by Charlie

If you do a search on the app store you’ll find an app for nearly everything. Expectant mothers haven’t been left out when it comes to apps!

There’s apps for helping you choose the perfect name, health tips, ovulation and loads more! Here’s 8 cool apps for mums to be:

Ovulation Calendar


This is an app for the ladies who are “trying”. One key to getting pregnant is knowing when you are ovulating. You input the date of your last period, and the app takes into account the average period length and Luteal Phase. The clever app will then whip you up a chart telling you when your most fertile days are. Users have rated this app 5 stars!

Contraction Timer Plus By iBirth



This app will help to time your contractions and how intense they are, which will make it easier for you to prepare for the birth of the baby. The app will also predict your stage of labor. It’s been rated 5 stars on the app store, with users calling it an “essential app for labor”.

Pregnancy Calendar

Pregnancy Calendar is perfect as soon as you discover you’re expecting. You’ll be able to track your pregnancy daily, record all of your pregnancy related appointments, check your nutrition intake is sufficient and make a great birth plan!

I’m Expecting

With the I’m Expecting app you can track your symptoms, how far gone you are, compare your pregnancy with other expectant mothers and get weekly updates on your baby’s growth! You can also add any doctors appointments, and upload pictures of your bump as it grows.


Sprout Pregnancy Essentials

Rated 5 stars on the app store, this is a truly amazing app to accompany your pregnancy. You can view lifelike illustrations of what stage your baby is currently at, pop in your appointments, any to do lists, track your weight and it even includes a contraction timer.


Baby Names Wizard

Making your way through baby name books can be a soul destroying task. With this app you’ll be able to search by meaning or origin, and also be able to view a list of the most popular baby names. For example, if you type in “List of Baby Names that Mean Star“, you might get a list of names from all over the world that have the meaning which is closely related to a star. There’s also a random name generator featured in the app. You never know, you could find your perfect baby name at random!


Positive Pregnancy With Andrew Johnson

This is a lovely meditation app specially made for pregnant women. As pregnancy can be an increasingly stressful time in a womans life, what better way to get rid of all the stress and anxiety than to meditate? You’ll hear a series of positive phrases and lot’s of relaxation methods to help you enjoy your pregnancy.

Pilates For Pregnancy

If you would like to stay active during your pregnancy, this is a great app for you. The app was designed by a Pilates instructor, who was also the mastermind behind the Prenatal Pilates DVD’S. There are workouts included for each specific stage of the pregnancy, so you don’t have to worry about harming yourself or the baby.

This post was written by Joanne Davies, mom blogger on behalf of mobilephones.org.uk

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