8 Time Management Tips for Busy Parents

Posted on Jun 22 2022 - 9:53am by Rena

Being a parent is a slog! Juggling work, hobbies, rest time, exercise, and other commitments can already be a challenge – throw kids in the mix, and you can feel like everything is getting on top of you.

Here are 8 time management tips to help you feel like you’re getting things done.

1.   Establish a hierarchy of importance

This is about personal preference. Take time to prioritize what is most important to you. Do this for your obligations (taking care of children, work), but also for leisure activities. By working out what is most crucial to prioritize, you’ll find you should be able to allocate time to these things.

2.   Establish boundaries

For your children, you need to establish boundaries. That means time for yourself after a specific time when they have gone to bed. It also means not doing everything for your children. It’s so important to encourage independence in children from an early age. Not only is this essential for their development, but you also benefit from not parenting 100% of the time.

3.   Organize your home

An organized household just seems to help everything run more smoothly. Knowing where everything is in an instant certainly helps with day to day tasks like cleaning, getting ready for school, and making dinner. Take the time to instruct your children where everything goes, too, so that they know where everything goes.

4.   Be realistic

Set goals day-to-day that are realistic. Don’t expect perfection! You’ll be disappointed when you inevitably fall short. Too many parents put too much pressure on themselves and their children to reach such high standards – learn to let go. So, instead of trying to do all the chores, consider hiring a handyperson who can help you in tackling household tasks efficiently. Whether it’s minor repairs, installations, or general maintenance, a handyperson usually has the skills and expertise to get the job done right. They can save you time and frustration by handling a variety of tasks, from fixing leaky faucets and assembling furniture to painting walls and installing light fixtures.

5.   Keep to routines

Keep to a daily schedule that is regular and consistent. It is everybody’s responsibility to know the program and to keep to it, including your children. This investment as a household will help everything go more smoothly, from mealtime to homework, to bathtime and bed – whatever it may be!

6.   Embrace urgency

When you start a task, try not to dillydally or get distracted. This does not mean rushing at 100mph at the expense of the task itself. Just try to set a realistic time limit and get on it. Set yourself 10 minutes to do the dishes or 20 minutes to mow the lawn.

Some people may see this as stressful, but it depends on your mindset. It’s better to just see it as preventing a dawdling attitude to tasks that shouldn’t take too long, especially when you’d rather be spending quality time doing other things with your children.

7.   Keep a calendar and make lists

This is a well-established piece of advice for those who face time management issues. Make to-do lists and keep a calendar. These help you prioritize what needs to get done and plan ahead as well.

Things in life often don’t get done purely because you forget you meant to do them. Don’t rely on your brain – it fails! Write it down in lists and refer back to the lists regularly. Bullet-journaling is the way to go!

8.   Cheat where you can!

Wherever you can save time with tips and tricks, take advantage.

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