A Helpful Guide to Setting Up a Kids Party

Posted on Aug 6 2014 - 4:53am by Charlie

Kid’s parties are some of the best times of a child’s life. I know I always loved parties where I could play with all of my friends, eat sweets, and cause havoc in general. However, I never knew what it was like for my mum to set the whole thing up, but I do now! It can be very stressful, so use this helpful guide to give you a hand:


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1. Get Rid of Any Breakables and Delicate Items

No matter where you have your party, you need to get rid of any breakables and delicate items. Any expensive items bought for your child’s birthday should be put away safely, and your home accessories should be removed if having the party at home. Kids run around at 100mph, and they won’t think twice about knocking over your antique vase.

2. Bring in/Display the Food

Now that you’ve got rid of everything that could break, it’s time to display the food. The amount you have will depend on the amount of children, but make sure you don’t go overboard. Make sure there’s just enough for a couple of sandwiches each, a bag of crisps and a chocolate bar. Kids eat with their eyes before their mouths, so make sure you’ve made the food look colourful and fun. Don’t forget to put tablecloths down to protect your table.

3. Get Your Playlist Ready to Go

No party is complete without a great playlist! Ask your kids what music they like and what music their friends like to put a playlist together that everybody will like. You can do this using Spotify, iTunes, or an iPod.

4. Blow Up the Balloons

You need decorations to really set the tone for the kid’s party. Kids love balloons, and to help you clean up at the end you can give each child a balloon to take home! Blow up lots of colourful balloons to make the place look fun.

5. Put Up the Banners

Banners aren’t essential, but they can be a nice touch too. Put up any banners, and then think about other decorations you may want to include. You could make this party themed if you wanted to, but you’ll need to think about this in advance so you can source the right stuff. For example, a princess party could have lots of pink, Disney, and crown themed decorations.

6. Make Sure You Have Outside Entertainment Set Up

If you’ve booked any outside entertainment, like balloon artists or face painters, make sure they’re booked to arrive at the right time. Call to confirm the booking well in advance, so you have time to sort something else out if they’ve double booked you. Kids would love a party with a few simple games and some music, but having a bouncy castle or face painter to enjoy makes it all the more special.

As well as everything listed here, you can also have goody bags ready to give the kids when they leave. It may even be a wise idea to tidy up mess as you see it, to save hours of clean up time afterwards. Now, go and have a great time with your child!


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