Advice On Staying Calm During Child Birth

Posted on Oct 7 2013 - 10:17am by Charlie

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Whether you’re a mom-to-be or a dad-in-waiting, childbirth can be a truly wonderful and joyous occasion. That said, some people create immense fear and anxiety around the whole procedure, making it less than appealing to onlookers. Yet all anyone needs to do is stay calm. Though there was a lot of pain involved a hundred years ago, today this is far reduced thanks to amazing advancements in painkilling pharmaceuticals.

So, if you’re a little bit concerned about what awaits you and your partner when the time comes, and you’re a bit uncertain about whether you’ll manage to stay calm for each other, take a quick read through the rest of this article and i’ll do my best to fill you in on some quality tips and tricks recommended to me by midwives and nurses who work within the field.

What Scares New Parents Most?

Before we can really look at techniques used to stay calm, we must first understand exactly what it is that causes people to panic. In most cases the potential duration is usually a prime concern. This is because it’s impossible to predict how long labour will last. Some people get through it in a couple of hours, whereas in others it can take up to a couple of days, so it’s easy to see why people become apprehensive. The important thing to remember is that it’s too late to worry about something like that now – there is absolutely nothing you can do about it, so learn to accept your fate.

Ensuring you’re as prepared as possible can help ease any fear, and luckily there are now some great gadgets on the market to help with this sort of situation. My wife used tens machines for childbirth and found that having a bit more of an insight was truly beneficial.

Having An Epidural

One of the best methods for limiting pain and making sure you stay calm is to opt for an epidural injection. This is administered via a hollow needle that is inserted very near the spine and can often make the whole process far less stressful for both mother/father and baby. Still, you’ll need to get your doctor’s permission to have one of these, and although most people have no trouble with that, it’s certainly not guaranteed you’ll be allowed.

Breathing Exercises

Chances are you’ve both been forced to attend parenting classes that deal with the issue of childbirth, right? Well then you should have some idea about how to breathe properly during the procedure. Simply ensure you take big, long breath’s and this should have a calming effect. Just remember that you’ll almost certain have some nitrous-oxide-style gas and air on hand, so the larger your lung capacity, the more you’ll float a little and stop feeling the pain.

Partner Focus

Obviously, the person giving birth is going to be nervous, but the partner will also be fighting their nerves. Unfortunately, whilst the person giving birth will be on medication to calm them, the partner gets no such luck. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to stay calm without medication. You can start by looking here
for CBD edibles, which are known to be effective at promoting calm. Focussing on your partner during the most painful and scary moments is also essential. Look into their eyes and think of a happy place. You should find this calms you down considerably. Alternatively, some women seem to like to show their partners exactly how much pain they’re in by grabbing hold of certain delicate body parts – so lads, watch out! (joke).

I hope now you’ll be a little better prepared, and therefore a little less scared about the miracle that’s about to happen – good luck!

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