Amazing Sports and Hobbies That Your Kids Will Love That Your Kids Will Love

Posted on Jan 27 2015 - 10:01pm by Charlie

Getting our kids to move is important. But, they often find that some sports are just not for them. When they are at school, they are often encouraged to take part in sports that are meaningless to them. But, if you want to make sure that your child is the sporty, athletic type, there are some ways that you can encourage their love of the great outdoors.

Not every child wants to be a footballer. On the contrary, there are some amazing sports that your kids will love. It’s all about discovering their passions and what they want to do in their free time. You can prise them away from the sofa. We promise.

1. Horse Riding

What child doesn’t dream of riding a horse? When it comes to getting your kids outside and in the fresh air, horse riding is a great way to do this. Aside from getting a lot of physical exercise, your child will learn the importance of taking care of an animal. The One Stop Equine Shop has said that kids will have a sense of responsibility that is unlike anything they have experienced before. Of course, the cardiovascular benefits are significant. But, horse riding can really teach kids about respecting animals.

2. Ballet Dancing

Billy Elliot saw boys and girls of all ages coming together to develop their love of ballet. But, ballet is a great way to teach your child discipline. After all, patience and discipline are at the heart of learning to dance. Aside from the fitness benefits, kids can learn a lot from attending a ballet class. They will perform shows for parents. This can give them an enormous confidence boost and make them less afraid of public speaking. Dance can provide your child with a lifetime of skills that are important for their social development.


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3. Lacrosse

Boisterous boys and girls will get a lot of benefits from playing Lacrosse. This is a somewhat aggressive game. But, it’s aggressive when it needs to be. Children can benefit from being involved in a fast-paced game. But, they can also learn about respecting the other team. Being a team player is important in every aspect of life. It’s all about honing your child’s cognitive skills as well as improving their physical fitness. If Lacrosse is something that your children would like to get involved with, it might be worth getting them started with their own equipment, such as a lacrosse stick. These can be purchased from websites like StringKing. With their equipment ready, they should be able to start playing in their local team.

4. Martial Arts

Martial arts come in different forms. But, they are often loved by children as they get to learn how to fight in a disciplined way. If your child suffers from a lack of coordination and concentration, this can be a fun way of increasing these skills. Self-confidence is at the heart of many martial arts classes. Your child can improve their physical fitness. But, they can also ensure that they are more confident in the process. Choose from karate, judo and MMA to ensure that your child is getting involved in a sport that they love.



5. Cycling

You don’t have to send your child to expensive clubs to reap the benefits of physical activity. Cycling as a family can be a great way of getting active and shifting the pounds. But, it can also provide an opportunity for family bonding. All kids love riding their bikes. So, you and dad can get involved and have a great hobby that all the family will enjoy.

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