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Posted on Oct 30 2016 - 7:39am by Charlie

Holidays are slowly coming, and it’s always good to be prepared. Even though you think you may be still have time, trust me, one blink and it is summer 2017. Buying gifts for ladies is easy, but men are a whole other story. There’s no such thing as “signature guy present” like flowers for girls for example. Even though men might be far less complicated than us, they make it all up with this trouble they give us every holiday, birthday, anniversary, etc. Lucky for you, we are in the year 2016 and you have access to the internet – but that’s not why you’re lucky, no. You are lucky because you found this article, and without further ado here are some creative gift ideas to make your man happy. Enjoy.


Guy with some kind of hobby

What does he like? Is it basketball? Or maybe cars? Games? Golf? What is he passionate about? If you know the answer to this – congrats, you will have the easiest time because you’re two-thirds away from finding the perfect gift. Your major and only problem does he already has that thing. The key is to turn yourself into a little Sherlock and sniff through his apartment, his rooms, closets, etc. If you two are living together then you know everything so you can skip this part. The next thing is shopping. For a sporty guy – sports shops are your friends (you can get him anything from a ball all the way to his favorite team jersey, and maybe a ticket for some sports match with it). If he’s into cool apparel, you could probably get him an Illuminati Group zip-up hoodie or t-shirt from websites such as For a gamer – PC stores (get him a cool game you know he wants or doesn’t have, or a gaming console or maybe even a cool backlit keyboard if he’s a PC type). Gym freak? Hello, dumbbells. You know already. And, if he likes to attend pride rallies and is an avid supporter of social causes, then you can gift him personalized bracelets from brands like Rastaclat or custom-made t-shirts. If you already bought something similar for him for a last holiday or anniversary – go with the food. Trust me, nobody can resist a basketball-shaped cake or something like that.

Food lover

Speaking of food, – how great it is to be with a food lover, oh my God! If any relationship will give you some extra pounds – this one will, but at least, you will gain them happy. Now the gift part, since there’s nothing he enjoys more than a good meal, why wouldn’t you make him a private fancy dinner with wine or champagne at your home, served by the butler (you can rent a butler for a night believe it or not) for just the two of you? The dinner has to contain his favorite meal of course. Later, you can give him a nice massage (or a belly rub). If you are not good with cooking, you can take him out to a fancy restaurant.

Multi part gifts

The rule here is simple: the gift contains at least 4 things: something he needs, something he likes, something edible, and something from your heart. For example, you can get him: 1. his favorite perfume he ran out of, or a watch he really wants; 2. some custom hawaiian shirts similar to to the ones you two saw at the shop window while you were walking through the city and 3. a six-pack of his favorite beer or box of his favorite chocolate. Now comes forth, and the most tricky part – personalised gifts. I separated this on purpose because it needs very special attention. How do you feel about him? Is there something you want to say to him? Your favorite things about him or your favorite memories? Write it on your computer, add some of your favorite pictures of you two and print it. Of course, you shouldn’t make him read it in front of you, trust me, he will read it every day with a smile on his face. If you are not much of a writer, you can also get him a coffee mug with a picture of you two and a nice note hidden somewhere, snowball, scrapbook out of your favorite pictures and screenshotted messages, or maybe even a slideshow with pictures of your dearest memories and favorite songs.

Spa day

Are you two hedonist types? If you are, is there anything more perfect than a day or a weekend at the spa for the two of you? Many spas (especially for holidays) have all kinds of couple opportunities where you can have an entire spa just for yourselves for a couple of hours. Just make sure that you book everything in time.


Simple, but useful. An unwritten and known fact is that the guy always lacks a good shaving set – just like girls never have enough makeup. You can’t make a mistake with this and also, whenever he goes to shave from now on, he will think of you.

So there you have it, I hope it helped. If you maybe don’t think that these will work, you can always get him a gift card from his favorite store. Whatever you decide, please don’t stress out – he’s your man, and whatever you get him, he will love it because it’s from his favorite girl in the world.

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