Awesome Birthday Gifts for Your Teen

Posted on Apr 1 2017 - 3:54pm by Charlie

Having a teenager in your home is already a difficult job, so just imagine how hard it will be to find a gift for them. Teenagers are known to have specific tastes, hobbies, phases and passions. Not to mention that they can change their opinions on certain things overnight. They will go to bed as a rocker and wake up as an RnB fan. Crazy right? Well, I have created the ultimate list of the best and the most universal gifts for these extraordinary creatures. Take notes.

A Teen boy

Ladies don’t always have to be first, right? Let’s give boys some credit as well.

1. A video game

Today, more than 80% of teens play video games. In the lives of young boys, video games are also a huge part of creating and maintaining friendships. After all, there’s nothing more fun than organizing a game night with your friends at your crib with some pizza and Coca-Cola. Get your boy a sports game that he can play against his friends such as PES, NBA or Madden. Just make sure that the game is right for his gaming console.

2. A bean bag

If your teen boy is already armed with a huge variety of video games, all that’s left is to get him a cool bean bag. It is basically a chair from heaven if you ask them, and there are no age limitations for it. He can use it for sleeping, watching TV, studying etc.

3. A skateboard

Every teen boy has to go through a skateboarding phase – it is unavoidable. Now, your task, as a loving parent, is to give him the opportunity to go through it in the best way possible. You will do that by getting him a cool skateboard. And, if you have some extra cash, make sure you check out all those awesome custom skateboards that can be made now. There’s nothing cooler than having a unique skateboard, I’ll tell you that.

4. A portable charger

This is something that every teen needs, especially now in the era of smartphones whose battery lasts shorter than their shower sessions. And we all know they need their phones on 100% all the time, right? Plus, now they will have no excuses for not answering your phone calls – a win-win scenario right there.

5. A basketball laundry shoot

Boys will always be boys, with their dirty footwear and their messy bedrooms. So your only choice is to at least make cleaning fun for him by getting him this awesome gift. You won’t find a dirty clothing piece on the floor or on the chair ever again.

6. A group paintball entrance for him and his friends

Do I even need to say anything about this one?

Teen girl

They may be more complicated than boys in real life, but when it comes to gifts, girls are a lot easier.

1. A hair straightener

Teen years are the period when girls are finding themselves and defining their style. During these years they also start showing more interest in fashion and beauty. And since we all know that hair represents 70% of our face beauty, providing your teen girl with a neat and slick hair is the best thing you can do for her. Just make sure that you teach her how to use it correctly.

2. A perfume

A girl can never have too many perfumes. If she doesn’t have a favorite one, or she has but she doesn’t need it currently, you will have to improvise. Choosing a perfect fragrance is not an easy task. You have to consider her favorite smells, aromas and always have in mind that that particular perfume needs to represent her.

3. A stylish piece of jewelry

This is definitely a classic girl gift. Since you are her family member, it needs to be something special – something that will remind her of you. Choose a piece she will gladly wear, depending on jewelry she already owns, and consider having it engraved. A custom necklace with a design that she likes and her name engraved on it would be a pretty special gift. She is likely to cherish it for a lifetime.

4. A cool personalized bedding set

A princess like her simply has to have the perfect bedding for her perfect room. Find out who is her favorite actor, which song she likes, who is her idol etc. and put it on her sheets. She will sleep like a baby she once was with a huge smile on her face every single night.

5. A large makeup case

Just as I said, they are now showing interest in fashion and beauty. And since she is now probably fully equipped with all kinds of makeup products, the best thing you can do is to help her keep everything neat and organized with this useful gift. After all, we are all familiar with that mini heart attack when we can’t find our favorite lipstick, right?

6. A camera

Since one picture is worth a thousand words, let her capture all the fun she has during the day with a cool retro camera. Selfies are soooo last year!

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