Baby Safety Precautions

Posted on Apr 11 2013 - 1:18am by Rena

Baby Safety PrecautionsA baby is the most precious and valuable investment ever. The safety of the baby should be given utmost importance. The safety of the baby begins within the premises of the home. The entry of the new baby into the house can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time because of the many things that have to be taken care of. However, with some planning and care, you can assure the baby of a happy and healthy life for a long time to come.

When Putting the Child to Sleep

To prevent sudden death syndrome in infants, it is always recommended that you place your baby on its back when putting it to sleep. Such babies can breathe a lot more easily and do not rebreathe exhaled air. Keep the crib clean and free of any objects including pillows, stuffed animals, and blankets as all of these could affect the baby’s oxygen intake.

Supervise When Around Water

When the child is around water, ensure that it is never left unsupervised. This is the rule even if the height of water is just one inch as it can cause drowning. It is important to maintain physical contact when the child is in water and ensure that you do not have any distractions. If you have to move out of the bathroom, take the baby with you. Do not keep empty bowls or other containers with water near the baby as they also form drowning hazards.

Secure the Locks

As your little munchkin grows increasingly curious, they will begin to explore the world around them – including the thrill of opening and closing doors. They would love to sneak out whenever given a chance. While it may be an exciting milestone, it can also be a safety hazard, putting them at significant risk. To ensure your little one is safe, make sure the door locks of your home are secure. If required, consider installing digital locks, such as those available on, which cannot easily be opened by a push or a pull, offering you the much desired peace of mind.

Keep Cabinets Secured

It is natural for babies who are a few months old to test new territories by crawling into these spaces. It is therefore a good idea to keep the cabinets secured with latches. Also bear in mind to keep any hazardous material out of reach of babies or under lock and key.

Install Car Seats Correctly

When shopping for a baby’s car seat on or anywhere else for that matter, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Make sure that the size is the right one for your baby. The seat has to be installed in the right manner by following all the manufacturer’s instructions. In case you are not able to get it done accordingly, make sure that you get help. The local fire department may help you to install the seat properly or even check how you have done the installation. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the recommendation is that babies should be placed in rear-facing car seats until they are aged two. In the event of an accident, neck injuries can be prevented if babies are placed in such seats.

Installation of Smoke Detectors

Of late, the occurrence of wildfires has increased. That is why, fire alarms should be installed and fire retardant sprays (which often act as a wildfire defense) should be used in every house.

Truthfully, it is ideal for every bedroom to have a smoke detector installed so that the family can evacuate in the event of an emergency. The detectors should be checked regularly for their performance and it is recommended that the batteries of these detectors are changed twice a year. If you’re still confused about whether or not a smoke detector is required in your house, read this blog post ( for further information before making your decision.

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