Bum Bags Are Back in Fashion and They Look Pretty Cool!

Posted on Jul 27 2016 - 9:12pm by Charlie

Will you be wearing a bum bag this summer? If you want to keep up with the latest trends, then apparently you should be!


Many celebrities have been photographed sporting new cool and trendy style bum bags. Helping to take them from uncool to this seasons must-have, bum bags are definitely all the rage this year and they’re particularly great as a “mummy bag”.

Practical AND stylish

Being a parent is a constant struggle between style and practicality. When you’re heading out with the kids, even a shoulder bag can prove problematic. The good old-fashioned bum bag was always known for its practicality. However, back in the 90’s they didn’t exactly look very cool. The new and upgraded models however are exquisite.

There’s even bum bags teens would be proud to wear available these days. They come with spikes, glitter, beautiful floral patterns and studs. With so many different, modern styles on offer, you’re sure to find one that’s to your taste.

So just how practical are they? Well, they allow you to access the things stored within them in lightning speed. This makes them useful for those essential items us mothers need to carry around such as baby wipes, or a tiny bottle of wine for those embarrassing public toddler meltdowns (just kidding, but it’s a thought!). They’re even used by photographers who need to have access to their cameras and notebooks. They’re not huge, but they will fit a decent number of items in them.

Of course there’s also the benefit that they are strapped to your waist. So there’s no risk of them falling off and you don’t have to keep hold of them. This leaves you free to keep hold of your children! It also eliminates the risk of forgetting your bag in a restaurant or store; something that is surprisingly easy to do when you’re busy worrying about your little ones.

They also keep everything organised. Featuring several different pockets, you’ll no longer find yourself rooting around trying to find your phone, keys or purse. This literally takes away a lot of your daily stress!

So, the bum bag is making a comeback and for mothers everywhere that’s a fantastic thing! Making it easy to be both practical and stylish, bum bags come with a wide range of benefits and they thankfully look a lot different than they did back in the 90’s!

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