Can a Microwave be used to cook an easy and nutritious meal?

Posted on Aug 19 2013 - 10:10am by Charlie

Microwaves are synonymous with quick, convenient cooking or reheating of pre-cooked meals; yet we seem to overlook the fact that a healthy and nutritious meal can be cooked quickly.

To put this to the test, three students from London Metropolitan University were challenged by Barry Vera, chef director from The One Group cook a healthy and nutritious meal using only a bag of ingredients provided and a Panasonic microwave.

First up was Jamie, a Philosophy & English Literature student who was challenged to make a vegetable cous cous dish in the microwave. Jamie normally only uses his microwave to defrost frozen meals, however was put to the test to make a dish from scratch. Check out how he fared below:

Next up was James, who was challenged to make chili con carne. James regularly eats out to avoid cooking, but was surprised that he could prepare the meal in less than 5 minutes, and simply only had to put it into the microwave to finish off:

Finally, with arguably the hardest dish was Tyanah who was asked to create Salmon with Chili mango salsa. I personally wouldn’t cook fish in a microwave, yet Barry was confident that it would still be tasty using the microwave rather than frying or grilling. Normally , this dish would take 40 minutes to prepare and cook, yet using the Panasonic microwave it was ready to eat in just 15 minutes:

For more information about the challenge and to find out more about the new Panasonic microwave check out this link:

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