Child Proofing Your Bathroom

Posted on Dec 10 2013 - 11:40am by Charlie

Anyone who’s been around a toddler for more than five minutes is sure to know just how mischievous they can be. Young children like this aren’t happy unless they’re exploring new areas of the house and using their new crawling and walking skills to discover something new every day.

While this is certainly a lot of fun for them, parents can often find themselves worried sick over hazards and potential accident around the house. While many concerns focus mostly on hazards in and around the kitchen such as boiling water from the kettle and the gas hob on the cooker (amongst many more hazards), there are certainly other hazards around the home to consider.

While it may not come immediately to mind, the bathroom presents a few hazards of its own to young children, and will benefit massively from a few simple changes that will make the space much safer for toddlers and young ones alike.

Lock Up Hazards

First things first, the bathroom is commonly home to a multitude of chemicals, lotions, creams, solvents and a whole bunch of other potentially harmful substances, so it’s wise to keep these completely out of reach.

While storage areas such as vanity units and drawers are great for keeping clutter away in the bathroom, they are often easily accessible to small children. Instead, look for a storage solution that not only provides adequate space to store away you bathroom clutter and keep the area tidy, but keeps these substances and products far out of reach.

Wall-mounted cabinets are large enough to keep dangerous or sharp items such as shaving razors, clippers and tweezers, as well as many of your morning routine products such as hair gel, shaving cream and toothpaste! In addition, there are plenty of other wall-mounted storage solutions to add a huge amount of extra storage space. Wall-mounted vanity unites and tall boys are an excellent storage option for the bathroom, and are available in a wide range of colours and styles, meaning you can find a peace that keeps your dangerous products out of reach and makes your bathroom look fantastic too!

Slip Proofing

One of the most prominent hazards in the bathroom is slippage. With water and slippy soaps and gels being used more than anything else in this room, excess spilling onto the floor is not so hard to achieve. It takes only a one step onto this slippy surface to send anyone flying towards nearby corners and hard surfaces.

To effectively sidestep this hazard (no pun intended!) you can place some stylish bathroom mats around the room. While many bathroom mats are made to catch and soak up excess spillage, the underside of these mats (that touches the floor) lacks adequate grip, and therefore is still potentially hazardous when it comes to slipping. Be sure to opt for mats that have suction pads or proper grip on the underside, this will ensure the mat effectively sticks to the floor and removes any danger or slipping and sliding the bathroom.

This also goes for bath and shower mats. The risk of slipping is actually much higher in the bath and shower, especially as this is where the use of soaps and gels comes into play. Be sure to add an effective bath or shower mat with suction pads on the underside to eliminate the risk of slipping.

So there we have some quick and easy tips to ensure your child will be much safer in the bathroom!

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