How to Commemorate the Birth of Your First Child

Posted on Apr 8 2016 - 2:08pm by Charlie

Having a child is always a wonderful thing, especially when it’s your first. You don’t love your subsequent children any differently, but the first one is where you and your partner delve into the unknown and set out into the wild woods of parenthood together, tripping and stumbling as you go, but ultimately raising a new little person into the world. It makes sense then to commemorate the birth of your first child (and its siblings in the same way, if you wish). Here are some ways you might like to do that. I’ve tried to cover a wide range of costs to suit everyone’s budget. 


A Tattoo

This seems an obvious choice – for people who like tattoos, that is. With a tattoo, you get to keep it forever, it will be with you at all times, and they’re relatively cheap to get. If you decide to go through this route, you’ll then have to decide what to get. I would suggest either simply the baby’s name or their footprints. Both of these will be small and easy to have done in a remoter part of your body should you wish to keep it out of sight.

A Diamond

If you have the money to spare then this is a wonderful idea. There are companies like Heart in Diamond that will take hair from your baby and by using Dwarven magic (Lord of the Rings joke, sorry) turn it into a sparkling diamond that will be placed onto a precious ring of your choosing (that was the last one, I swear).  This way you will have something extremely treasurable to remind you of your child, always. It also creates a family heirloom that could be passed down to your children’s children as a way for them to remember their parents.


This is a classic, and not to mention very cheap way to commemorate the birth. Pictures! That’s it. Just take pictures of the first day of his or her life and that way you will always remember the day. You could also extend it to pictures of the first year or even take photos every day on their birthday for the first ten years and then give it to them as a gift on their 11th birthday etc.


If you liked the diamond idea but don’t think you could afford it, here are some other jewellery items you could purchase:

  • A pendant with the baby’s birth stone.
  • A locket with a picture from the day they were born.
  • A necklace or ring with the babies name carved into the metal work.
  • A charm bracelet on which you buy a charm every year of something that encapsulate who they are (for the first few years it will probably just be Thomas the Tank Engine).

So there you have it, a selection of ideas on how to commemorate one of the happiest moment’s two humans can share on this planet. Take a little while to consider which way you think would be the best and the most meaningful for you.

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