Common Illness Symptoms You Should Look Out for in Your Pets

Posted on Feb 5 2014 - 11:52am by Charlie

It is inevitable that our pets will get ill at some point in their life, even if it is just a quick bout of the fleas. Unlike humans, our pets cannot really tell us when they’re feeling unwell, and it can be difficult to notice illness symptoms right away. We’ve put together some of the most common illness symptoms to look out for, so that you can look after your pet in their time of need.

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Change in Eating Habits

This is one of the most typical symptoms for a whole range of pet illnesses, and one of the most obvious to notice. If you only have the one pet then you should see right away that they’re not eating their food, or eating too much. If you have more than one pet then you should keep an eye on them feeding every now and then, to see if there are any changes in eating habits. Not eating could be a sign of problems such as depression or a disease in the digestive system. Overeating could be something as simple as worms or something more serious such as hyperthyroidism in cats or kittens. If you notice any change in eating habits, then you need to inform your vet right away.

Change in Drinking Habits

Along with eating habits, this should be another symptom that is easy to spot if you have just the one pet. If you have more than one drinking from the same water bowl then try to separate the animals and watch their drinking habits. If your pet is not drinking a lot of water, or drinking too much, then this could signify an underlying problem. If you find that there is increased urination, along with a change in drinking habits, then this could be a serious issue and you should see a vet right away.

Lethargy and Sleepiness

Feeling tired or lethargic is a symptom that we all get when we’re feeling unwell, and our pets are no different. If you’ve noticed that your pet no longer wants to play all the time, or is always sleeping, then it could be a clue that something is not quite right. Sometimes your pet will go through a stage of being much more tired, and this could be something completely harmless. However, if you notice lethargy for more than a few days then you should see your vet.

Fur Problems

Your pet’s fur is like our skin; it can show up a whole range of health problems. If your cats coat was once shiny and fluffy, but now looks dry and drab, then it could mean that your cat isn’t grooming themselves properly. This could be because they are upset with an illness they’re experiencing or feeling depressed. The same goes with any other animal that is no longer looking after their fur. If you notice patches in the fur then it may be from over grooming or scratching, so get it checked out by your vet.

Knowing these common symptoms will help you to discover if anything is wrong with your pet, almost immediately. If you ever notice any changes in your pet’s behaviour then make sure you keep an eye, and visit your vet if they continue or worsen.


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