Cool Gifts To Give Your Kids This Christmas

Posted on Dec 12 2013 - 11:48am by Charlie

One time of year that both kids and adults look forward to is, of course, Christmas! Although there are obviously religious reasons why Christmas is celebrated around the world, it’s that time of year where the kids can wish for some awesome toys and gadgets in the hopes that Santa Claus will answer their wishes and put their presents under the Christmas tree whilst they are asleep!

If you have kids and are wondering what sort of awesome gifts you (or Santa) could get them, here is a wish list to help get you started!

Casio SA-76 44 Key Mini Keyboard

Do any of your kids have a penchant for playing the piano? Then how about getting them this cool Casio SA-76 44 Key Mini Keyboard for Christmas!

It’s an essential tool to help kids develop their keyboard and piano skills, and offers lots of features such as 100 tones and 50 rhythms, 10 practice tunes, a digital LCD display, 5 drum pads and a melody rehearsal system.

Razor FlashRider 360

If your child has seen you riding on beach cruiser bikes in the past, then I bet they would have been asking you if they could ride yours too.

Obviously an adult cruiser bike is going to be too big for small children, but you could always get them their very own Razor FlashRider 360 kick scooter for now! Just make sure that they are wearing a helmet and other safety gear when they are out enjoying their new toy, as you don’t want them to end up with injuries if they fall off it!

Melissa & Doug Suspend

Melissa & Doug Suspend is a fun family game for one to four players! The aim of the game is to hang or suspend up to 24 rubber-tipped wire pieces, which might seem simple enough in theory but in reality it’s really hard as the balance will keep shifting with each piece put on there! It’s a great way for kids to develop their cognitive and coordination skills and is ideal for children aged 8 years and up.

My Little Pony Crystal Playset

This gift idea won’t be of much fun to boys, but to girls it’s an awesome Christmas gift idea! If you are stuck for ideas on what you could get your daughter for Christmas, then you should consider getting her the My Little Pony Crystal Playset! Inclusive of more than 20 accessories, it’ll provide your daughter with hours of entertainment.

Tomy Swim ‘n’ Sing Turtle

If you have got a little baby, then obviously you will not be able to get him or her the same sorts of toys and gadgets that older kids normally get for Christmas, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot get babies gifts for Christmas!

One place that a baby spends time in on a regular basis is the bath, so why not make having a bath a much more fun experience by giving them a Tomy Swim ‘n’ Sing Turtle for Christmas! You simply wind up the dial on the turtle’s back, and it will splash around in the bath with them!

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