Coping with a Loved-One’s Long-Distance Move

Posted on Dec 22 2015 - 4:58pm by Charlie


Unless you’re the one who has decided it’s time to move away somewhere really far, dealing with a loved one’s long-distance move can be extremely heartbreaking and very hard to take. This is particularly true in the case of having to deal with the long-distance move of someone you’re especially close to — someone who has become a very big part of your daily life.

Life simply has to go on either way, but there are some really effective ways of ushering in this new period of your life without the constant presence of your best buddy, cousin, sibling, or whomever it is that has decided to take a permanent holiday. It isn’t always a matter of suddenly having to cope without someone who was always around you however. Sometimes the pain that comes with just thinking about the imminent move originates from the thought that you’d now have to cross oceans in order to just pop in for a cup of tea or to just drop in and say hello.

Get Involved and Offer Your Support

Even if you’re the one person whom the move is going to affect the most, never take it personally. Your loved one has some valid reasons for confirming their long-distance move, some of which you may not even understand. So even if it’s not a move inevitably dictated to by something like a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity, show a little understanding and trust your loved-one’s decision to move and their reasons for following-through on it. Offer your help and support. Do little tasks like helping them pack, or cooking for them while they’re busy. You can even take care of the logistics by helping them hire professionals from somewhere like Atlanta Home Movers, so they can be at ease on moving day.

Keep in Touch

With video-calling technology such as Skype, FaceTime and the likes, the biggest ocean between you and your loved-one can be completely cut down to no distance at all. Taking into account the connection fees of your loved-one’s new location, you can keep in touch daily and share smiles, laughs and just about anything else you’d share in person, by simply scheduling regular catch-up sessions and online hangouts.

Keep Gift-Giving Traditions Alive

There are a number of top relocation destinations in the world, one of which is indeed Sydney, Australia, particularly for English-speaking opportunity seekers. As a result, the local economies of such destinations have developed around the growing culture of an ever globalised world. Sticking with our Sydney example as a case in point, local gift shops can help you keep your gift-giving traditions alive, or indeed start brand new ones, from all the way across the globe. Primarily they offer flower delivery in Sydney, which can be complemented with some tasty treats and special goodies to remind your loved-one just how much you still care for them. Even if your loved one is located in a different city, like Melbourne, it might be easy to send flowers to them. You can just search on the internet for Melbourne florist and get options for services that could deliver flowers to them. That said, a fresh and thoughtful gift of this nature gives true and practical meaning to the phrase “it’s the thought that counts” and it will definitely help you cope better, personally.

Arrange Visits

Between the two of you, one of the best coping mechanisms you can use to deal with the sudden absence of a loved-one is to arrange visits. Your specific visit to their new location could even double up as a great opportunity to travel more, but again finances have to be carefully considered and you should never put them under any pressure to jump on a plane and visit you.

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