Dads are getting in on the act

Posted on Jul 11 2013 - 7:19am by Charlie

When I first started my blog it was only mums that were writing this type of content, offering advice to other mums, tips for keeping kids busy in the holidays and everything else we could think of, but now, dads are getting in on the act too.

I have noticed a rise in the amount of dad blogs out there and some of them are pretty great. If you haven’t checked out the dad blogs yet, here are a few to get you started.

Family in living room with laptop smiling is just fabulous. It is all about days out with the kids, camping trips and generally spending time as a family enjoying nature and all the outdoors has to offer. It is a fairly new site but it is definitely one to watch for tips and hints on how to keep your brood happy, all the while getting a healthy amount of fresh air.

Being a single parent is no longer the domain of the mother, sure at one time when someone told you they were a single parent it was usually the mother, but times change fast, and there are now for whatever reason, a growing number of dads who look after their kids alone and on a full time basis. Enter the word of This fun blog is filled with interesting posts about das out, tips and hints for when you are out and about and there is even the odd child friendly restaurant review.

Anyone who is the parents to a special needs child, or who has a special needs child close to their heart; this is the blog for you. I personally love it. Living with a child who has autism is not easy but it is rewarding, and this dad blog touches a chord every time I read the latest post. It is a very honest account of life with a child who sees the world differently and it is definitely one to be bookmarked to return to on a regular basis.

If like me, you are bringing up your kids on a tight budget, then the tips and advice offered at might help you make the household budget stretch just that little bit further. With advice from how to make money from the internet, looking at short term pay day loans and saving money on those much needed family holidays, this daddy blog is one not to be overlooked.

So dads really know how to blog. And I know I probably sound all girlie when I say I love to bake, do crafts and read with my kids, but now I know that when my kids are looking for something a little different to keep them entertained, there are places I can visit for advice. Who knows, I might enjoy the experience of an afternoons fishing by the canal that my son has been begging for. As long as he baits my hook (yuck) I might be OK, right ….?

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