Ditch City Living For The Gorgeous Villages of Gloucestershire

Posted on Sep 11 2014 - 5:32am by Charlie

Do you live in a city? Most of us do, and most cities are growing faster than ever before. The population of our cities is exploding. It seems that most people want an urban lifestyle. That’s understandable. There are lots of advantages to city life. Living in a city means that you’re close to a wide range of cultural and economic opportunities. City life is diverse, varied and exciting. That doesn’t mean it’s for everyone.

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Is city life compatible with all lifestyles? Of course not. It can be too overcrowded for some tastes. For others, the hustle and bustle of city life can be overwhelming. Life in the city is also more expensive than rural living. There’s also the age-old question of whether family life is compatible with city living.

Some families enjoy the open spaces and natural scenery of a country lifestyle. Would your family prefer that to the hectic urbanity of city life? Country living also offers cleaner air and less noise pollution. That’s invaluable to any modern parent. Of course, city life does have its benefits, but a country lifestyle isn’t something you should reject out of hand.

If you’re interested in country living, you may be unsure where to go. If you’ve lived in the big city all your life, you might not know which areas of the countryside are the best. We’d recommend Gloucestershire, a gorgeous corner of South West England. One of the county’s main towns, Cheltenham, is one of Britain’s best places for property. Elsewhere, the city of Gloucester is picturesque and delightful. It’s a cathedral city, which gives the place an atmosphere of ancient dignity. You can see the cathedral itself in several of the Harry Potter films. The major population centres of Gloucestershire are small compared to Britain’s biggest cities. They offer the benefits of city living without the drawbacks.

Of course, you may want to remove yourself from city life altogether. That’s easy to do in Gloucestershire. It’s a rural area, containing within its borders the Cotswold Hills and the Forest of Dean. These places are areas of incredible natural beauty. They’d be fantastic for family living. You could walk through them and marvel at the nature and wildlife on display. The county also has a large number of old parish churches and historic buildings. Anyone living in Gloucestershire will gain a great appreciation of England’s past.

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The villages of Gloucestershire should be your ideal destination. They’re little spots of heaven dotted throughout the county. What’s more, there are lots of great properties available in this area. The current housing market in Moreton, for instance, could suit you down to the ground. In fact, any of the villages in Gloucestershire has its share of hidden property gems. You can’t go wrong in Gloucestershire.

If country living is your goal, Gloucestershire is the place for you. You’ll love the slower pace of life and the remarkable natural beauty. That’s not to mention the fantastic properties on offer throughout the country. We think you’ll love it over there – take a look as soon as you can.

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