DIY money-saving living room revamps

Posted on Oct 8 2013 - 1:01pm by Charlie

When money is limited and some changes to a home’s interior become necessary, it is best to start with the room where most family time is spent. In the majority of households, that is of course the living room. Redecorating the living room in the way that some magazines suggest may be expensive but there are alternatives ways of doing it on a budget. These simple ideas can transform the look of a room for very little, and they don’t require too much time or energy either.


A fresh coat of paint

It may sound simplistic but a fresh coat of paint can make a big difference. Before starting the painting process, you need to ensure that the walls of the room should be free from any cracks, holes or undulation. The plaster of the walls needs to be intact and if this is not the case then, you may need to contact a plaster repair service provider, who can prepare the ground for painting. You may want to look at ‘Austin Plaster Repair‘ to get the necessary information about such firms. After the completion of repair works, you can consider painting a feature wall in a bright colour to bring some energy to the room, or be bold and choose a colourful ceiling that changes the atmosphere. Just a small amount of paint will suffice for highlights like dado rails, coving, skirting boards and window frames. A tasteful stencil can dramatically change the look of a plain wall.

Wooden furniture can also be rejuvenated with a fresh coat of paint, and bright new handles on drawers can make them look like new.

Fresh fabrics

Bigger budget redecorating often involves purchasing a new carpet. If money is short, rugs are the way to go. Rag rugs can be made at home or old pieces of carpet can be cut into fashionable shapes like circles that will really stand out.

Leftover pieces of fabric from old clothes and bedcovers can be stitched together into a patchwork to make curtains or throws for sofas. Bright colours will contrast spectacularly with black sofas while darker mixes look fantastic on pale backgrounds. Cushions are cheap to buy and are also easy to make at home from spare pieces of fabric. They can be padded with old shredded tights, which make them surprisingly comfortable to lounge against; a mixture of colourful cushions can look great in practically any room. If you’ve got a bigger budget, why not get some Window Coverings that match your new fabrics and furniture? The decor looks so put together when it all matches!

Fixing up furniture

Often fairly simple changes can significantly spruce up tired furniture. Re-covering sofas is much cheaper than replacing them. It isn’t hard to learn how to do this at home and there are online videos that can help. Starting with small-scale upholstery projects like footstools is a good way to learn.

Old tables can often be revived by being sanded and varnished. Splits and cracks in wooden furniture can be filled with wax to bring them back to their original look. You can also check out new affordable furniture pieces from stores like Belleze Furniture and revamp the entire mood of your living room.


Sometimes rearranging a room makes a bigger difference than anything else. Repositioning furniture and clearing out junk can make a familiar space look much more acceptable. Adding a mirror can change the way the light reflects around the room, and for the evenings it’s worth making a small investment in some accent lighting. Fresh decoration can brighten up shelves and walls, so it’s worth looking around in second-hand shops for interesting artwork and ornaments, or even making some. Another great way to do this is to hold a swap meet with friends in a similar situation; a chance to exchange bits and pieces to give each home a new look.

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