Doing up the Kids’ Bedroom

Posted on Mar 16 2017 - 10:02pm by Charlie

Creating a stylish and functional kids’ bedroom plays an important role in their growth, as this is the environment in which they’ll spend quite a bit of their time. This applies whether you have a child who is outgrowing their bedroom or indeed if you’re welcoming a new addition to the family. What will be their sanctuary and place of escape and comfort needs to be an enabling environment for them to flourish. It should also be an exciting place for them to be, with plenty of toys and flashy lights to keep them entertained. You could even place a neon sign of their name over their bed to personalise it in a cool way – Shop Now here to see some options.

It should never be a case of doing it all up just once and then leaving it as is however, because children grow up really quickly and they can outgrow what are normally smaller bedrooms than the master bedroom in the house. Effective solutions are thus required for the storage of books, toys and what will inevitably be a growing clothing collection. Your decision of the storage solution to go with for a kid’s room should go beyond the standard options parents tend to go for, such as free-standing wardrobes and related furniture pieces. These otherwise limit the space available in the room and can also make for a safety hazard to kids. I always make sure there are lots of pillows and soft rugs around my kid’s room to minimize any risks. I found a cute custom body pillow which I’m definitely going to buy for my daughter soon!

There’s a video doing the rounds on YouTube in which two young kids did what young children do instinctively, which is climb all over things. One of them climbed onto a free-standing storage unit, causing the unit to top over and momentarily trap the other, but it was fortunate that the vigilant parent was around to rescue the child before anything really regrettable beyond measure happened.

So safety is definitely a concern in the design of your children’s bedrooms, but fortunately the safety consideration doesn’t have to take the place of all other considerations, such as the design and style. With fitted bedroom providers such as the likes of DM Design specialising in some stylish and functional storage solutions, one can effectively kill two birds with one stone and make sure their children’s rooms look good and are as safe as a parent would want their child’s room to be.

The mere decision to go with fitted solutions over free-standing units already eliminates so many would-be safety hazards children are particularly gifted in highlighting, but what these also offer is a more functional and effective use of space. No gaps means no wasted spaces — space which can and should be used to store accessories, clothes, toys etc and keep the room neat and tidy when all of those aren’t in use.

Motivated by the safety factor, the use of what appear to be more “permanent” storage units and complementary furniture pieces is a practice which also adds some value to your home. The way to measure this is to think about what a new homeowner would like to change if they were to purchase the house. The more they’d want to change, the less the value and vice-versa.

So with a little bit of careful contemplation one can really have the best of both worlds with regards to doing up the kids’ bedrooms.

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