Dressing Your Kids For The Winter Season: A Guide

Posted on Nov 2 2013 - 12:45pm by Charlie

As we head towards winter, and inevitably towards the impending Christmas mayhem countdown, the weather is changing, and evenings are becoming noticeably more chilly. Keeping your kids safe and warm in cold weather is a subject that fills many parents with dread, but it needn’t be a stressful experience, and now’s the perfect time to start planning what they need and when.

The high street is awash with winter coats, boots, hats, scarves and accessories; so how do you choose from all of these collections? Here are some useful things to consider when dressing your kids for the winter season:


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An important part of any winter wardrobe is a warm and comfortable coat. This is even more crucial for children as they lose more body heat than adults, and are, therefore, more sensitive to the cold weather. Keeping your little one warm and dry can be a particular challenge in winter, as they will want to be enjoying the great outdoors, jumping in puddles and making snow angels.

Choosing a waterproof coat that also has a fleece liner is a great investment, and its versatility means that it will last a lot longer. The waterproof outer can be worn throughout the year as a raincoat, and the fleece can be worn when it gets a bit colder.

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Buying a size slightly bigger than your child currently wears will also help to make it fit them for a longer period of time; just make sure they’re not tripping over it! Choosing a design with elasticated cuffs and a hood will help to the water out, and the heat in.

If your little one doesn’t like wearing such a restrictive type of fabric, why not opt for a fleece coat? This fabric is a lot more forgiving and comfortable, and it will keep them warm and cosy. Obviously this won’t be suitable for rolling in the snow etc, but it has the advantage of being machine washable.


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Dressing your kids in layers will make it easier to keep them warm and dry. A bottom layer that’s made from a quick-drying fabric is essential, but make sure that it doesn’t soak up body moisture as this will make your child feel colder.

If you know that your little ones are going to be outside in very windy and cold weather, it’s worth investing in some good quality thermals to protect them and keep the chill out. Children are much more likely to suffer from frostbite than adults as they lose heat a lot quicker and tend to not notice numb fingers or feet so readily.


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A good pair of waterproof boots will protect your child’s feet from getting damp and cold. If you opt for wellies, then a pair with built-in handles are great for helping young children to climb in and out of them.

Layering up socks will help to trap more air, creating pockets of insulation. This should be done with loose-fitting socks so that they’re not too tight to cause discomfort.

Winter accessories

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Protecting your child’s head from losing heat is essential in cold weather; children can lose a lot of their body heat through their head. There’s a great choice of beanies, flap hats and fleecy caps available on the market, so you’re sure to find something that you can both agree on.

Protecting your child’s face, ears and neck is also important, so a good choice to help with this is a knitted snood. This style is very popular at the moment, and there are all sorts of colours and patterns that your child will be willing to wear. A good way to get them to wear winter accessories willingly is to let them choose which ones they prefer; the technical aspect of these products isn’t as important as say choosing a good coat.


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Buying brightly coloured coats or accessories will make it easier to spot your children. This is great for when you’re trying to locate them in a crowd, but also helps to keep them safe when crossing the road, or walking on the pavement; it’s good for them to be highly visible.

If your child wants to play outside for a long time, call them in every half hour to have a quick warm up before they go out again. This is also a good time to swap and wet clothing for new drier options.

If you’re not sure where to start your search for winter clothing, why not take a look online? this is a great way of avoiding the Christmas shopping chaos, and some websites, such as lilly and sid kids clothing online retailer, can even deliver your order the very next day.

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