Educating Your Kids About Hunting and Guns

Posted on Oct 7 2016 - 5:35pm by Charlie

As a parent, it’s more important than ever to teach your kids about guns and gun safety, especially if you’re a family that hunts for sport or for food. It’s a topic that is hugely misunderstood all across the spectrum of people, and a lot of information about firearms comes from extremely biased people with narrow minds.


So, as a parent, be sure to teach your kids about gun accessories, teach them about how to prevent misconduct involving weapons, take them to ranges to learn about gun safety, avoid extreme views (from other people or from the news), be aware of greater statistics than just your demographic, and work to win the war, not the battle, when it comes to firearm issues.

Know Your Accessories

While you’re teaching your kids about guns, make sure they recognize gun accessories as well. There’s a lot of confusion between real weapons and pretend ones. That’s why kids get shot playing with toys when police get confused about whether that’s a real rangefinder, or a compartment to hold little Nerf balls. This is a real issue! Teach your kids the parts and pieces. Take them to a hunting store and show them around.

Go To Ranges To Learn Safety

As soon as it’s appropriate, take your kids to a gun range to learn basic gun safety. Even if they never plan on owning a gun, it’s vital they understand not to fear the idea or the sight of weapons. In basic safety classes, they’ll also learn the power of weapons, and the feel, sound, and smell of them as well. The observance of safety may mean the difference between life and death sometime in their futures, not because they own guns themselves, but perhaps they’re put in a situation where weapons are present.

Avoid Extreme Views

If you look up information about gun safety, you’ll see that there are people on both sides of the criminal issue shouting extreme views about what is right and wrong, what are constitutional rights and what aren’t, and why gun control should be this or that. If you want to do the best for your kids, avoid those extreme views and focus on statistically plausible information instead. Hunting and criminal activity should be clearly delineated as well.

Be Aware of Greater Statistics

In your local area, the general population may feel a certain way about guns, gun safety, and gun control. However, in the larger scheme of things, be sure that you understand state and national statistics as well, to convey those ideas to your children to give them a broader view of reality.

Win the War and Not the Battle

In the end, you want to teach your kids about hunting, guns, and gun safety, you don’t want to be stubborn about your own views, but rather think in the long term. Safety comes first, then the logistics surrounding them, but don’t give yourself up to a theoretical lost cause and get your kids caught up with it in the process.

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