Essential Tips For Buying Your First Family Pet

Posted on Jan 25 2015 - 2:31am by Charlie

If you are thinking of getting a new pet for your family, there are many important considerations to make. The age of your children may determine the kind of pet that may suit the household. Also, the size of pet that is best for your family may not be appropriate for the house you live in. There are many animals to choose from. Most people pick a dog or a cat as a first pet as they are more common. This makes it easier to find tips and advice on how to look after them. You may even have had a dog or a cat as a child.

In addition to choosing the kind of pet you may want, you need to check your property is secure and safe for that kind of animal. A dog will require a large secure yard or garden to play in, whereas a cat will wander over boundaries and fences quite happily and even disappear for days. If you live near a busy road, it may be dangerous for your cat. If you have a very large garden, you may want to spend some extra time checking it over for hazards like sharp glass or garden waste.

Some people like very small pets, particularly if they live in a flat or apartment. Hamsters, mice and guinea pigs are usually kept in a cage. Space restrictions may require that the cage be kept in the child’s bedroom, but this can be dangerous for children in several ways. The sawdust that is used as bedding can aggravate asthma. If the cage is not cleaned out very regularly, faeces will build up which is completely inappropriate in a bedroom.

Rabbits like to live outdoors in a strong and secure hutch. Each day, you will need to let them run around the space of your garden. They are good diggers so check your boundaries are secure daily. At dawn and dusk, wild foxes and other animals may be roaming around your garden. They will kill a rabbit easily so make sure bunny is tucked up and secure early enough.

All animals require worming and flea treatments on a regular basis to prevent infestations. These can be supplied by your veterinarian or online at places like Your animals should be kept on strict diets rather than eating your leftovers, and fresh water should be provided twice a day. No matter what size your pet is, you have a legal obligation to ensure it is healthy and cared for.


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 Some people realise too late that keeping a pet is not right for them. If you are not certain if it is something you could keep up for the lifetime of the animal, start by borrowing someone else’s to get an idea what is involved. Dogs foul in the street when you walk them, and that mess must be cleaned up and disposed of safely by you. Cats may upset the neighbors because they can wander into other gardens and use prized flower beds as litter trays.

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