Your Extra Large Dog needs an Extra Large Bed!

Posted on Nov 17 2016 - 1:57pm by Charlie

Buying a bed for your dog should be no different than buying a bed for yourself. It sounds simple to go down to your local pet store and pick out something cute for your equally cute dog, but it is important to remember that with dog beds, one size does not fit all, and it is very important to take into consideration your dog’s size and health conditions in order to select a bed that’s right for them. Going to the pet store with a car dog bed in mind already will narrow down your search and help to get your dog comfortable. Older and larger dogs especially need a proper, comfortable bed-an orthopedic bed.

An orthopedic dog bed is the same as an orthopedic bed for yourself, a bed designed to give spine, muscle, and join support. All beds are designed to give comfort and a place to relax, but these beds aim to specifically help the spine and posture. Investing in special style beds for your pets, whether that be an orthopedic dog bed, a Calming dog bed or just a bed fitting to their size, will mean your pet is getting the comfort it needs when off their feet. These dog beds are often made with memory foam or similar fibers that provide support for your dog’s skeletal system. The right orthopedic dog bed can relieve trauma to sensitive pressure points and prevent health issues like hip dysplasia, arthritis, elbow disease, Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), and Osteochondrosis Dessicans (OCD).


Every breed of dog comes with its own set of health issues and risks. Large dog breeds in particular are susceptible to a wider variety of skeletal, muscle and health problems – especially when these aren’t watched for, caught early enough, or if they’re overlooked. Often, the extra weight a large dog carries makes their skeletal frame fragile. Large dogs like the Great Dane are highlyprone to these sensitivities during their first and most formative year, as their rapid growth can cause malformed joints and other orthopedic issues. A dog’s age is also an important factor to consider when purchasing a dog bed. As dogs get older they run the risk of developing arthritis which an orthopedic bed can help to alleviate. It can also help with the pain inalready developed arthritis.

Mammoth Outlet is one company you can rely on to provide your dog with the best personalized fit for them. They specialize in large breed dog beds and have been offering comfort to puppies, adults, seniors and special needs dogs for over 20 years. Mammoth pet beds for large dogs are made tough, are extremely comfortable and are made using industrial strength materials like Canvas, Micro-fibers, and Cordura, so you can be assured of your pet’s comfort and well-being. You can also chat with their customer support if you have specific questions, or check out their blog for canine tips and tricks.

Always do your research before buying your dog an orthopedic bed. It’s important to factor in your dog’s size, age, and orthopedic needs before buying. In addition, pet owners should research companies that specialize in orthopedic pet beds. Buying a dog bed from a reputable pet bed provider that cares for the comfort of your pet, is knowledge of your dog’s orthopedic needs, and provides options to ensure you are getting the best possible bed for your pet at the best possible price is the one you want to put your trust in.

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