Family All Have Time Off? Tips For Vacation Possibilities

Posted on Nov 30 2016 - 10:47pm by Charlie

If everyone in your immediate family has time off at the same time, what are some possibilities when it comes to vacation? The kids are out of school, and you and your spouse have managed to wrangle a full week of PTO. Now comes the struggle – what to do with all of that potential bonding time and space!


A few vacation possibilities in that circumstance might be to head to a resort, visit family for an extended stay, a camping trip in Iceland (, hit up the staycation option to save money and relax, repeat a previous journey that you’ve been on, or even just give everyone individual choices in the matter.

Head To a Resort

It’s hard to beat staying at a resort. The food is usually excellent. The surroundings are geared toward luxury seekers. The geography is top notch. There will typically be activities around for all ages. And it’s a complete break from your prior existence. Many resorts are completely family friendly as well, which means that not only are there individual things for everyone to do, but the family atmosphere is optimized for low-stress, high-fun adventures.

Visit Other Family

And when’s the last time you went on a family vacation to visit other family members? Like, a long lost cousin on the opposite coast? Or a set of grandparents you haven’t seen in years? With a chunk of time that everyone has off, you can visit those relatives in a pack, and from there is will be up to chance if you end up having an ordinary, relaxed time, or end up with something out of a National Lampoon skit.

Go the Staycation Route

For as much lip service as it gets, using your vacation time to relax on a staycation is really not a bad idea. You save a ton of money on travel and lodging. You save a ton of money on food. There’s no time wasted in traffic. So long as you make sure that you do special things within your environment, it could be the most enjoyable time that you’ve had all year!

Repeat a Previous Trip

If you’ve done something as a family in the past that you enjoyed overall, why not go do it again? It will take some of the randomness and chance out of a new journey, and you’ll know things like exactly how much it will cost, and what to pack. A second trip to Disneyland would be an example.

Give Everyone Individual Choices

A final option when it comes to vacation time is that you can just simply allow everyone to make their own individual choices. Because no one is encumbered by work or scheduling, you might be surprised at how much everyone wants to do things on their own during their time off, but then come together to share experiences at the end.

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