Fashion Trends From the ’80s and ‘90s

Posted on Apr 15 2019 - 10:17pm by Charlie

Depending on your age, the ‘80s and ‘90s are either a massive throwback, full of childhood nostalgia, or something you’ve only heard about. However, regardless of your personal experience, it is undeniable that fashion from those eras is making a comeback. Crazy colours, bold prints… without realising it, you definitely own something inspired by these two decades.

Let’s start with the ‘80s. Everything about this era screams ‘fun’ and ‘bold’, and everything was about making yourself stand out. Shoulder pads were in and being understated was out. In particular, the accessories are a huge influence on current trends; statement jewellery was highlighted by the off-the-shoulder tops and sharp power suits, and coloured sunglasses added some fun to everyday life. These sunglasses are seen everywhere nowadays, especially at festivals and fashionable holiday spots. Headbands were also massively popular then, and they’re coming back in full force. If you’re having any trouble picturing the fashion of the time, there is only one cultural phenomenon to direct you towards… Fame. Be it the musical or the film, Fame is the epitome of ‘80s fashion and fun.

Next, roll on the ‘90s. Much like the ‘80s, this was a fun year for fashion, though somewhat less in-your-face. There was a decline in the bold statement pieces and loud colours, though that isn’t to say that the fashion wasn’t still ‘out there’. Denim was widely worn, but designers were trying new ways of handling it, such as distressing it. More than anything else, this was an era that revelled in its accessories. Everything, in every style, was experimented with, from cutesy accessories to edgier chain belts, and so on. In particular, hair accessories came out in full force: scrunchies, bandanas, claw clips, bucket hats… they were everywhere.

However, there is one accessory that stood the test of time throughout both eras and has so many nostalgic memories for so many people. This is, of course, friendship necklaces. When you’re young, there is nothing more binding than a friendship necklace, and it is something had huge popularity in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Though they have remained popular for young children, elegant versions of this necklace are available too. On Nomination Italy, they come in elegant materials, in lots of different styles, with a subtly that brings the trend right up to the twenty first century. What better way to find your inner child, than to reach into your past and update it to suit your current style? Visit the website to begin your search now.