First Date 101: What not to Say

Posted on Oct 27 2016 - 7:29am by Charlie

Going on a first date is always exciting and a little frustrating. With all the concern about the perfect outfit, makeup and hairstyle, it’s no wonder something inappropriate tends to slip out sometimes, and make you look ridiculous. Although everyone has their own techniques on how to make sure a first date goes well, whether it is a cheesy joke, or even wearing a pheromone perfume from somewhere like True Pheromones, for example, there are universal ways to stop dates from becoming total disasters. While sometimes these awkward moments turn out to be cute, other times they just chase your date away. Worry not, because this guide will teach you what you should never say on the first date.


Talking about Your Ex

“That’s what my ex used to say as well.”, “You look just like my ex”. , or any other sentence that involves mentioning your ex is absolutely forbidden on the first date. Praising your ex may lead your date to believe you’re still not over your past relationship and that you’re just there for a rebound. On the other hand, talking bad about your ex makes you the bad guy for bashing on someone you’ve spent months or even years together. Therefore, just don’t talk about your exes and your date will go smoothly.

You’re not the Type of Person I Usually Go for

You shouldn’t even think about this sentence, let alone saying it out loud. One of the thoughts your date will have after hearing it is that you’re just so desperate to find a boyfriend that you had no other choice but to start going out with the first guy that talked to you. On the other hand, this will also make him feel bad about himself, because the first date is not even finished yet and you’ve already found flaws in him.

I can’t Wait to Get Married

Unless you want your date never to call you again, you’ll avoid talking about marriage. You barely know the man’s name, so you don’t want him to think you’ve already planned your wedding, honeymoon and the entire life with him. Don’t rush into things, because you risk ruining a date that would otherwise be perfect.

I’m so Stressed out Because…

Pointing out how stressful your day, week or a month has been is definitely not a subject you want to start on your first date. A date is the time when the two of you should be enjoying each other’s company. Therefore, avoid boring topics like this one, talk about things you enjoy, find common interests, relax and you will never have to worry about how to get a guy to like you on a first date.

Our Kids Would Look so Cute

This sentence is even more terrifying than the one about marriage. Clearly, men like kids, and will eventually be fathers, but talking about your potential kids on the first date is one thing that will definitely leave you without a second. Therefore, feel free to say that the kid passing next to you is cute, but be sure to stop at that.

What Time Is It?

This is one of those sentences that implies you’re bored out of your mind. What’s more, it’s one of those things you’d say when you realize the person sitting across you is everything you knew you never wanted. Therefore, if you plan to get the call for the second date, stay out of this question.


First dates are always little uncomfortable, but you could do so many things to make it as pleasant as ever. Therefore, in order to avoid awkward situations, try not to mention any of the previously stated sentences, because they’ll definitely cost you the second date. Instead, try to get to know the man and talk about common interests, favourite food, places to hang out and there will be no tension between you two.

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