Fun Fancy Dress Costumes You Can Make Out of Your Existing Wardrobe

Posted on Oct 14 2015 - 12:46pm by Charlie

So you’ve been invited to a party; it is pretty last minute and you’ve just gotten wind that it is a costume party. However there are some old friends going that you haven’t seen for years so it would be a great opportunity to catch up. Should you go but just not dress up? While that is an option people can sometimes feel left out if they don’t have a costume during a costume party, and unfortunately not much can be done to help that issue once you are at the party.

However all is not lost! You still have a small amount of time before the party, so why not try these ideas on costumes you can make from things already lying around your house?

The Roman Toga/Bedsheet Caesar
This is the easiest one of the lot and is quite popular for student parties and university fraternities who are just getting to know each other at the start of the year. Grab a bedsheet (old or new, it is up to you) and wrap it around yourself to fashion it into an ancient roman toga. Voila! You are done! You can go the extra mile and grab a few leaves from outside to clip to your head for the roman headdress look, or stand out with a colourful or patterned toga but apart from that, it is a pretty simple and easy to make costume. And all for the cost of a simple bedsheet!

‘Budget Costume Man’
Literally made from objects you find about your house. Cut off the head of a mop to use as an impromptu wig. Cut eyeholes out of a bucket for a funky helmet, tape tinsel to your shoulders and hips for ‘tentacles’ or ‘spiders legs’. This can be as simple as making a costume out of cardboard boxes and drawing on them, to as complicated as you like. Really try to wow the other partygoers by putting together an elaborate working costume just out of household objects. It is funny, creative and bound to go down a treat, whether you’re the host or just another attendee!

Word of warning however; if you’re planning on using any cleaning solution bottles as part of the costume, make sure they have been properly washed out beforehand. We don’t want any accidental bleach ingestions, otherwise that will end up being a bit of a disaster, even at an adult party.

I’m-wearing-all-of-my-clothes-at-once Party
In true Friends style why not turn any party into a heatwave by trying to make it through the front door wearing everything you own in your wardrobe. This works better as a short term gag than as a functional costume for a whole evening but it is sure to get some laughs. If you have any funny patterned socks, elaborate hats or costume accessories like a tutu or a head-bopper, save those until last to get full comedic effect. Just be aware that people might try to get you rolling as a joke, and with all those layers on you’re going to end up pretty rounded out!

Guess the Celebrity
Be a budget version of a well-known celebrity and have other guests try and guess which one! This works really well if you get creative with your costume choice. Why not cellotape a teddy bear to your head as a makeshift quiff, grab a hairbrush and wear a leather jacket to be an impromptu Elvis! Or if you’re more of a Madonna fan, simply grab a cheap blonde wig (if you’re not blond) and tape a couple of party hats to your chest. Use strange object lying around the house to get bigger laughs, but try to make sure it is pretty recognisable when you look at the costume as a whole.

These are just a few imaginative ideas of how you can get a quick and easy costume for any costume party, using objects already lying about your house. Use your imagination to see if you can come up with any alternatives. We find it works if you start looking at things with an open mind. Instead of saying “that is a fishbowl, that is a shoehorn” think “what could that be?” it is a great way to get into the mind of your inner child and opens up new costume opportunities you might not have seen before. After all it is all in good fun!

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