How to Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back

Posted on May 25 2016 - 12:17pm by Charlie

In preparation for motherhood, you probably read a lot of books, went to various classes, and talked to experts. None of this, however, would have prepared you to deal with your post-baby body. For the first few weeks, you are going to be quite busy with taking care of your newborn. You may soon begin to realize just how your body has changed.


From your hair to your tummy to your breasts, there is going to be a world of difference. Many women are unable to recognize their bodies anymore. Fret not, however, as there are plenty of ways to get your body back. Here are some tips that you should follow:

Move Around

The best way to lose that baby weight is to get moving. It is certainly not going to disappear on your own. You do not have to engage in strenuous exercise. It is enough for you to do some housework or to take your little one for a walk. The main things is to make sure that you get in at least an hour of some form of exercise each day. You should also ensure that you continue with it each day for optimal results.

Eat Healthy

The problem with being a new mother is that it is immensely difficult to find the time and energy to do much including cook. This may mean that you are resorting to eating junk food that is high in sugar and calories. Get your partner to help out or only pack the refrigerator with healthy snacks. It is easy to pile on the pounds due to snacking during this period. Make sure that you are getting all the necessary proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Stay away from unhealthy fats, sugar, and other empty calories.

Get Cosmetic Surgery

This may seem like an extreme option but mommy makeovers after pregnancy are increasingly becoming more popular. This is because some things simply cannot be fixed with diet and exercise. For instance, you will begin to notice areas of excess skin around your stomach even after you have lost weight. You will also see that your breasts have begun to sag once you have stopped breast feeding. These are normal processes but they cannot be fixed by going on a diet or working out.

Today, many specialized cosmetic surgical procedures are available to help fix all these problems. Taking the case of sagging breasts as an example, a breast lift or breast enlargement surgery can help you enhance your appearance. With the help of a medical clinic that offers services like breast enlargement in London (or nearby), you can easily get the problem of saggy breasts fixed. The procedure involves removing excess fat, skin, and tissue and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new contour of the breasts. This can help restore volume and firmness to the breasts, resulting in a more youthful and attractive look.


Breastfeeding is Mother Nature’s response to weight gain. Did you know that you could lose between 500 and 700 calories each day by breastfeeding? It is an amazing solution. While this does mean that you can eat a bit more, you need to remember that once you stop breastfeeding, you will stop losing that weight. It is important to have a balanced diet during this time.

It is important that you give yourself a break. After all, you have just produced a miraculous little baby. As long as you eat healthy and take care of yourself, you will find it much easier to get back to your old body. It is important to be patient with yourself, however, as your body will have changed and needs to adjust to the new you.

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