Getting Stuff Done With Young Kids: The Ultimate Guide

Posted on Feb 5 2016 - 3:14am by Charlie

Getting stuff done with kids is one thing, getting stuff done with young kids specifically is a totally different ball game. Young kids need more attention than older kids. They can be needy and demanding, whether you have a baby or a toddler. If you’re struggling to get stuff done with your young kids, this guide could be a big help. These valuable tips and tricks might just change your life!

Pull Out a Hidden Toy

Having hidden toys and pulling them out at the right moment is far more likely to keep your child occupied. There will be times you just need 5 minutes to yourself. Whether you’re on the phone to somebody important or you’re trying to get a bit of cleaning done, a toy they haven’t seen for a while should keep them quiet. You could have a small box of toys hidden away somewhere ready to pull out when they just can’t be shushed. You could even rotate their toys to keep them fresh and new. This means you’ll barely get any toys that get left by the wayside after a few weeks. Try it, it really works!

Get them Involved with Chores

You’ve probably heard of this before, but it’s another great tip that can actually teach your kids life skills! Getting things done with kids around takes longer anyway. You might as well get them to help out with your chores. You could have them help you sweep, hold something for you, pull clothes out of the washing machine – there’s something for all ages to get involved with! You’ll both still be bonding too. People who get their kids involved with chores while they’re young find they are much more helpful as they grow older. They won’t expect something for nothing, and you won’t need to bribe them to do jobs. It really is in their best interests to teach them while they’re young! As long as you’re picking something suitable for their age, there shouldn’t be a problem.


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Plan to Work at Their Happiest

You know your child best, so you can’t really go by somebody else’s schedule. You know when your child is at their happiest, so plan to get some work done then. Whether you’re doing housework, decorating, taking a little time to do course work or pampering yourself, it’ll work. They might be happiest after their nap, or most content in the afternoon. Make a note of it and plan it around that time. It’ll be easier on both of you!

Make Them Laugh

If you absolutely must get stuff done and your kids can’t be occupied, make them laugh. Dance and sing together. Don’t be afraid to look silly in front of them; as long as they’re laughing, you can get stuff done safely. They might follow you around, but making them laugh will stop them from mithering you too much. You could even put on some of their favourite Disney songs and get them to help you with whatever it is you’re doing.

Try Not to Stress Out

Stressing out is bad for you. Not only will you wind yourself up, your child will sense it too. This will set them off, and then you’ll both be in for a bad time. Try your hardest not to stress about unimportant things. Remember; your washing up will wait, but your kids are only young once. Taking a break and playing with them for a while will always lift the spirits in the house and you’ll have a smile on your face as you continue your chores. It’s important you take time for yourself too. I don’t mean with a glass of wine either – you don’t want to become dependant on alcohol to relax. How about taking the time to meditate or exercise? Both activities are really good for you and will make you feel much better.

Set Yourself a Time Limit

Set yourself time limits to stick to to make things more manageable. For example, if you need to clean the bathroom, give yourself a 30 minute time limit. Put a funny film on for the kids and see how quickly you can do it. You could even set yourself a time limit and see how much you can get done around the whole house. Setting a short amount of time where you refuse to be distracted will make it go much quicker, and afterwards you can concentrate on playing with the kids.

Prep Food and Freeze in Advance

Many parents don’t end up feeding themselves properly because they don’t feel like they have time to cook nice foods. They end up getting unhealthy ready made food, or even takeaways most of the time. This can lead to weight gain and unhealthy illnesses, which can lead to even more stress. You want to be fit and healthy enough to play with your kids, don’t you? You want to set good eating examples for them too, don’t you? So make sure you eat properly! Prep some meals and freeze them, for the days when you just don’t seem to have any time. At the end of the day, you’re their role model. They learn most things from you, including eating habits.


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Use a Crockpot

Becoming the queen of the crockpot will allow you to make delicious, healthy meals for the whole family. You can make chilli, stews, soups, and so much more. Simply throw everything in in the morning, and later on you’ll all have a yummy meal with zero effort required. All you need is a few meals you can rotate throughout the week. You’ll find it so easy, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Remember, Maintaining Doesn’t Mean Perfect

Maintaining your home to a good standard doesn’t mean having a perfect home. Your home just needs to be clean, fairly tidy, and healthy enough for your family to live in. It doesn’t need to be pristine all of the time. You aren’t wonder woman and you shouldn’t feel bad. As long as you’re not living in your own filth, you’re fine. If you feel like the house needs a real deep clean, you could get a house cleaning price and quote. It’ll probably cost less than you think, and you won’t need to get a sweat on giving your house a deep clean. There are clever things you can do to keep things tidy to. For example, have a basket in each room in the house to put stray toys in when you’re in a hurry.

Stay on Top of Your Priorities

Make sure you stay on top of your priorities as best you can. If you work, it can be hard to find the balance between work life, chores, and quality time with your kids. Try to be mindful of when you’ve spent a lot of time working and take a break. Listen to your kids. If they are asking you to spend time with them, it could mean you’re not currently giving them enough attention. The dishes will wait, the ironing will wait…everything will wait. Your kids will be young once, so make the most of it.

Start a Home Based Business

Start a home based business if you want to be able to spend more time with your family while being a working mother. There are a ton of things you can do depending on your marketable skills. You could make something and sell it, start a business on eBay, or offer your services online. As long as you have what it takes to work for yourself, you’ll love the time you can spend with your family as a result.


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Make a Den for Toddlers

Something that toddlers absolutely love is a good old blanket and pillow den. Make one for them before you set about doing a big task, and they’ll stay occupied for quite some time! Give them some books, torches, and anything else they want in the den. It’ll be hard for you not to jump in there with them, but it’s a great opportunity to finish whatever it is you need to.

Getting stuff done with young kids isn’t impossible. It might be difficult, but it takes work to keep a house and keep your kids happy. Remember to budget your time if you can, so that you know what time you should be doing what activity. For example, breakfast 6:00am, TV for the kids 6.30 while you get ready, and so on. Making a little list of things you must get done the next day will help you to see realistically how much time you have to do each thing. You shouldn’t feel restricted; this method can often allow you more freedom. You’ll never wonder where all your time went again!

Do you have any tips for getting stuff done with young kids? There are so many parents out there in the same situation, so don’t hesitate to share any tips that have really helped you!


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