Guest Post Opportunities – Parenting & Lifestyle Blog

I welcome guest contributors on the site every now and again, but have a few guidelines that I request you adhere to.

What type of posts am I looking for?

  • Useful information! Something that can help parents of children of all ages
  • Tips and advice – learnt a few tricks while bringing up your kids and want to share them?
  • Money saving – kids supplies aren’t cheap, so if you know some life hacks that can save money then let us know

If you have another idea, just mention it in the message


  • Please ensure your articles are a minimum of 500 words – give the readers something useful rather than 250 words of drivel
  • No linking to any sites with adult/pornographic content
  • Do not copy and paste someone else’s content – it can be spotted in 10 seconds

What’s in it for you?

  • A platform to share your content
  • Offer advice to parents and those expecting/trying for a baby
  • I’ll allow two links back to your site or social profile in the content

Examples of Guest Post Topics:

  1. Pre & Post Natal Care/Health
  2. Birth
  3. Child Behaviour
  4. Children’s Education
  5. Travel
  6. Beauty & Fashion
  7. Life Hacks
  8. Budgeting & Saving
  9. Child Safety
  10. Mortgages & Finances

If you want to know anything else, fill out the form below!


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