Healthy foods for beginners

Posted on Mar 24 2014 - 8:43am by Charlie

If you are looking to get healthy this means changing your way of eating which equates to buying the right kinds of foods. When your kitchen has lots of these delicious but nutritious foods available, you will be less likely to cave and get yourself a takeaway. The following items are great healthy foods for beginners in dieting and ones that you should always have to hand – you can get lots of great health food online to help plan a week’s worth of healthy meals.

Refrigerated foods

Two of the main types of items that you need to fill your refrigerator with are a variety of fruits and vegetables. This way you will always have snacks to hand and have ingredients to include in nutritious meals. Dairy products are great too but try and stick to low fat and no fat milk and look for cheese and yoghurt that are a little healthier. Some other things that you should have in your fridge are fresh chicken, beef and eggs. These have so much protein so are ideal especially if you are working out regularly. Fruit juice is fine on occasion but check the sugar content and don’t drink it as an actual replacement for the foods.

Easy healthy foods for families

Freezer foods

You should have a heap of healthy items in your freezer mainly as extras in case your fresh foods run out. So, try to stock up on Frozen foods. The microwaveable options may be perfect for convenience. Have plenty of frozen fruits too as these are great for blending into smoothies. Purchasing frozen meat in bulk when on sale is a good idea for saving money and it means that you will always be stocked up. You should always have lean chicken, beef, and turkey in your freezer. Buy some fish for your freezer and even wholemeal bread can be kept there until you need it.

Foods for your pantry

There are certain foods that go in your pantry that can be staple pieces in some healthy meals. Some of these items include brown rice, canned and dried beans, grains, whole wheat cous cous and whole wheat pasta. Canned tomatoes and vegetables are ideal too just be sure to check that what you choose aren’t too high in sodium. Low sodium broths should be bought because it means you can make some nutritious soup from scratch using your fresh vegetables. If you want to up your protein intake, then get yourself some tuna and peanut butter. Don’t forget seasoning to make your meals a little tastier, these can include spices, vinegar and of course that trusted olive oil.

Be aware of what you are buying

If you are new to the world of healthy eating, it isn’t always easy so be sure to read food packaging thoroughly. Some products tend to exaggerate how good they are so check the nutritional chart on the back. The things that you should be paying close attention to is the percentage of fat (especially saturated), sugar and salt because you shouldn’t eat too much of these. You should look for foods that have a nice amount of fibre, calcium and iron. Also check how many servings a package holds, as you might be eating double than what you think you are. Vegetables and fruits contain very little calories which is why its good to eat as much of these as possible.

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