Home Appliances to Help Reduce House Chores

Posted on Jun 10 2016 - 11:56am by Charlie

If youve already furnished your house with appliances, upholstery, furniture and other household goods for the long term, youll perhaps have to live with your current setup for quite some time to come. Be that as it may, chances are your household goods and the way in which theyre arranged wont remain exactly the same forever. Some of these are replaced, repositioned and perhaps even become obsolete, but if you are still in the buying phase or indeed if your household goods buying phase is a gradual and calculated one, the manner in which you choose your home appliances can either add to the burden of your house chores or dramatically reduce it.


While we all love living in clean spaces, nobody can realistically say that they enjoy the actual process of doing house chores. Its even worse when youre the one whos inevitably stuck with having to clean up after everybody else, as is often the case with caring mums. Fortunately though many modern day home appliances were designed with the overworked housewife in mind, but if you actively seek out appliances with the aim of reducing the time you otherwise have to spend on house chores, there are some specific properties to look out for.

Buy Modern

Yes, were all aware of the effects of planned obsolescence on the general quality of just about every consumer product available on the market today, but there is definitely still some quality around. How do you find this quality though? Well its a combination of being prepared to spend just a little bit more than you normally would, but you can also get this type of quality by shopping via specialist retailers that have a holistic approach to their products line, such as the likes of Oldrids. These types of retailers specialise in providing household goods for the entire typical domestic setup and in the specific case of Oldrid & Co., the quality factor is reinforced by the fact that its been a family-run and family-owned business for a considerable amount of time now.

The appliances they stock are modern in both the design and technology, which means lighter materials used to manufacture stronger products that not only last longer, but are easy to move around for some quick house chore touch-ups. Youll just have to try and resist the rustic charm of some of the older appliances, because something like an older model microwave oven is much heavier than a more modern one, and so would be a bit cumbersome to move around when you want to get a more thorough clean. Every minute spent moving things around adds up to the total time you spend doing house chores, so every bit of time-saving advantage you can get will undoubtedly be welcomed.

Modern appliances are also generally manufactured with materials which are easier to clean, such as non-stick stainless steel casing used in otherwise very messy grills, dust-collecting kettles or dirt-baking stove tops.

Buy Complementary Brands

Many home appliances just work well together, which is a clear sign that you should shop with this complementary property in mind. Non-stick pots from a certain manufacturer can handle the extreme heat generated by a stove from a specific manufacturer for instance, which would mean you get your cooking done much quicker and then you also dont have to spend too much time washing up the pots because their non-stick property makes them quick and easy to clean.

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