How to Make Sure Your Child Has the Best Christening

Posted on Apr 23 2014 - 1:07am by Charlie

If you’ve decided that you’d like to get your child christened, you’re no doubt faced with a load of organisational problems to sort out before the big day. Where exactly are you supposed to start? What if you forget something? The following steps are things you’ll need to do before the big day to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible:


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Choosing the Godparents

The very first thing that you should get out the way is asking your chosen friends and family whether they’d like to be the godparents for your child. Once you have a positive answer for your child, you can then start planning the christening ceremony and reception. They may even help you to plan the celebration.

Choosing the Date and Venue

Now you need to choose the place your child will be christened. This is usually at a local church, perhaps the same place you had your christening in, or got married in. The earlier you can book out your preferred date and time, the better. This way, all of your chosen guests can book the time off work to come and schedule it into their diaries.

Writing a Guest List

Who are the people most important to you and your child? Invite these people to the christening to have the best day. Knowing how many people are coming is important for planning your food/drink budget and the venue.

Selecting Clothing

The child’s clothing is an important part of the christening, after all, they are the star of the show! You can buy custom made clothes or buy from a shop that specialises in these kinds of clothes, just remember that babies grow quickly so you don’t want to purchase them too far in advance!


What kind of decoration would you like there to be? Do you think a theme is a good idea? Decorating the tables and room really helps to set the atmosphere you’d like to create, so discuss this with the godparents beforehand.


If you want the occasion to be fun, then consider the kind of things that could liven up the event. Plan any games and entertainment in advance, and try to think of games that both children and adults can get involved in. You could even do something a bit different and release balloons, or plant a tree to commemorate the occasion.


It’s always best to inform your guests about your christening gift policy. If you don’t want gifts, then include this on the invitation. If you will accept gifts, you don’t need to say anything as guests will usually catch the drift. If you want to buy your baby a christening gift yourself, then something they can keep forever is usually a good idea. Take a look at for some great ideas.


Photographs for everybody to remember the day are essential! You can either choose to hire a professional photographer, or take a camera and snap some pictures yourself.

By following the steps above, you’ll have everything you need to throw your child the best christening and christening party ever!



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