How to Reinvent Your Look

Posted on Oct 28 2016 - 7:31am by Charlie

They say that when a woman changes her hairstyle, she’s probably going through a breakup. Luckily, the hair can take every emotional crisis women go through, because it grows back. And it’s a well-known fact that for every new chapter in life we need a matching pair of shoes. But what about those times when you’re just bored with your looks, and want to try something different? Nothing impulsive, just a minor change to lift you a bit, shake things up. You can do those minor DIY improvements yourself, just follow along.



Of course, the hair gets the most attention. You can do so much with your hair – if you want it longer, get hair extensions, if you want dramatic change – get a trendy bob haircut. You can colour it, you can cut your bangs, throw in a few highlights – the possibilities are endless. Whatever you do, be realistic. Pick a haircut according to your face shape. Browsing Pinterest for celebrity inspiration is ok, but keep in mind your face shape and whether it would look good on you. Same goes for colouring. If you’re ready to commit to a high maintenance routine, that a transition from dark brown to blond implies, go ahead! However, if you opt for the subtle, yet effective change, stick to one to two shades darker or lighter than your natural hair colour.


When was the last time you tidied up your makeup? Every makeup product has an expiration date (usually up to one year) so it might be high time to throw away that eyeshadow that’s been sitting in your makeup bag since ever. Once you’ve done that, reconsider your makeup skills. With new trends like contouring and strobing, and twenty different kinds of primers and concealers, ask yourself if you’re doing it right. Maybe you’re using the wrong foundation shade, or the wrong eyeshadow brush. Consider signing up for a quick makeup course, to really learn what makeup works best for your face. You’ll be amazed with how much difference you can achieve with the right moves. However, if you happen to be tired of fixing your eyebrows or lip blush and liner every day, you could try getting micro-pigmentation done by an artist who has received semi permanent makeup training.

Temporary tattoos

This is one of those instant changes that can boost your confidence and satisfy your need for change, without doing anything permanent you’ll (possibly) regret later. Henna tattoos or glittery tattoos – that are perfect for summer – are a great way to express your personality and see how it would look on you. If you are already inked, however, another great option would be to finally consider that permanent tattoo removal, if you have a tattoo you’ve been hiding or you simply got over. Honestly, regret hurts more than removal, and life is too short to go through it with a bad tattoo. So, take enough time and get the right design idea from somewhere like or other useful resources.

Update your wardrobe

A classic move, but it always works! Do a thorough organization of your closet and throw away anything you haven’t worn in two years. If you’ve been sticking to the same colour palette – change it. Buy a few pieces in bold colours that will accentuate your usual outfit. Match them to your hair, eyes or skin tone. Accessories are also a great way to upgrade your style. Try to get out of your comfort zone, but still be yourself. If you’re a jeans gal – try a skirt, if you’re always in flats – enrich your legs with a pair of heels. You’ll be surprised how good something you never imagined wearing can look.

Get a spray tan

Another temporary, but fun change. Spray tan will give you that summery glow and enhance your figure. It’s a matter of preference, and you shouldn’t take it seriously. Have fun with it, whether you prefer a salon spray tan, or at home self-tanning lotions, you have the option to darken your skin a bit, when you feel like you’re too pale during the winter months. It will wash off, and the good thig is – there are no harmful sun rays involved.

And lastly, the most important part of reinventing yourself is self-esteem. Nothing will make you look amazing if you don’t have enough confidence to pull it off. So practice self-love, accept yourself first and then change on the outside, just for fun’s sake.

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